Feeling Cold with Icy Hands and Feet in Winter? Understanding the Root Causes and a Vital Approach

Greetings, everyone! I am Dr. Wang. If you find yourself feeling unusually cold, with icy hands and feet, it’s commonly attributed to a deficiency in spleen and kidney yang. However, it’s crucial to note that feeling cold isn’t solely linked to spleen and kidney yang deficiency. Let’s delve into the various reasons behind this sensation.

1. Insufficient Yang Qi:

One major cause of feeling cold, especially with cold hands and feet, is insufficient yang qi. Factors contributing to insufficient yang qi include congenital weakness, improper postnatal care, and excessive fatigue. Yang qi is fundamental to the body’s life activities, providing warmth and energy. Insufficient yang qi weakens the body’s warming function, leading to cold extremities and an aversion to cold.

2. Qi and Blood Deficiency:

Another reason for feeling cold, along with icy hands and feet, is insufficient qi and blood. Factors contributing to qi and blood deficiency include weakened spleen and stomach, poor dietary habits, and excessive blood loss. Qi and blood are essential substances for the body’s life activities, providing nourishment and warmth. When qi and blood are deficient, the body’s warming function diminishes, resulting in cold extremities and an aversion to cold.

3. Yang Deficiency with Cold Congealing:

Feeling cold, especially with cold hands and feet, can also be attributed to yang deficiency with cold congealing. Causes of yang deficiency with cold congealing may include congenital weakness, improper postnatal care, and exposure to cold pathogens. This condition refers to a weakness in the body’s yang qi, allowing cold to congeal internally, leading to cold extremities and an aversion to cold.

So, how can these issues be addressed? In traditional Chinese medicine, warming yang, dispelling cold, and nourishing qi and blood are common approaches to address feeling cold with icy extremities. For instance, a modified version of Danggui Sini Tang can be used, consisting of herbs such as licorice, dried ginger, aconite, bupleurum, and angelica sinensis. These herbs work synergistically to warm the body, dispel cold, nourish blood, and reinforce yang.

In conclusion, feeling cold with icy hands and feet is a normal physiological response to cold environments. However, in traditional Chinese medicine, this phenomenon may be associated with factors like insufficient yang qi, qi and blood deficiency, and yang deficiency with cold congealing. During winter, our bodies require more energy to maintain warmth due to lower temperatures. In daily life, we can alleviate these symptoms by incorporating suitable exercise, maintaining good nutrition, and wearing warm clothing.

If the symptoms persist for an extended period, are severe, or are accompanied by other symptoms (such as fever or fatigue), it could indicate an underlying health issue, and seeking timely medical attention is advisable.

That wraps up today’s discussion. Have you found this information helpful? Stay tuned for our next session! If you have any health concerns, feel free to leave a comment in the section below, and follow mjy-shop for more health tips. Take care of yourselves!

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