Four Unexpected Benefits: Maximizing the Potency of Goji Berry by Combining with Medicinal Herbs

Goji berries, an ancient Chinese medicinal herb, have long been revered for their health-promoting properties, particularly in nourishing the liver and kidneys and clearing deficiency heat, as recognized by traditional Chinese medicine.

A popular saying nowadays is “When middle age arrives, take goji berries in your health cup,” emphasizing the need for middle-aged individuals to incorporate medicinal herbs like goji berries to balance the liver and kidneys and harmonize yin and yang.

While many people typically brew goji berries into tea, which does have some effects, combining them with other medicinal herbs and consistently consuming the infusion for a month can yield more robust results. Here are four unexpected benefits:

  1. Goji Berry with Jujube Dates for Liver and Kidney Nourishment and Longevity: Goji berries primarily focus on nourishing the liver and kidneys, lacking distinct effects on the spleen and stomach. Jujube dates complement this by tonifying the middle energizer, benefiting the spleen and stomach. This combination is especially beneficial for middle-aged and elderly individuals experiencing decreased liver and kidney function and diminished spleen and stomach absorption.
  2. Goji Berry with Chrysanthemum for Alleviating Eye Discomfort: This combination is designed for individuals experiencing symptoms like dryness and swelling of the eyes, often attributed to liver fire flaring up. Goji berries nourish yin and benefit the liver and kidneys, while chrysanthemum has a cooling effect, aiding in relieving eye discomfort. Hang chrysanthemum is recommended for its additional nourishing properties, while wild chrysanthemum has a stronger heat-clearing effect.
  3. Goji Berry with Astragalus for Harmonizing Qi and Blood for Radiant Beauty: Astragalus is another renowned tonic herb with stronger qi-invigorating effects than goji berries. The combination is suitable for women with qi and blood deficiency, particularly middle-aged women experiencing symptoms like dull complexion, cold extremities, and dry hair. Consuming goji berries and astragalus together, for example, in a chicken soup, not only nourishes qi and blood but also enhances beauty and hair health.
  4. Goji Berry with Rehmannia for Relieving Male Fatigue: For middle-aged men experiencing a gradual decline in liver and kidney function, this combination is beneficial for tonifying these organs. Rehmannia is known for its ability to nourish the liver and kidneys. When combined with goji berries, it enhances the tonifying effect, making it suitable for middle-aged men experiencing symptoms such as soreness and weakness in the lower back and frequent nighttime urination.

In conclusion, by cleverly combining different medicinal herbs with goji berries, their nourishing effects can be maximized, offering a worthwhile approach to maintaining health.**

Additionally, the article mentions the recent popularity of black goji berries, touted as a “soft gold” due to their high anthocyanin content. However, the actual benefits of anthocyanins are still under debate, with scientists questioning the tangible effects of antioxidants on health. Moreover, other fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, kale, and purple corn contain higher levels of anthocyanins. Therefore, a rational evaluation of the real value of black goji berries is recommended, considering their more affordable alternatives.

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