From 16.8 to 5.6 in 3 Months: Learning from Mr. Huo’s Effective Blood Sugar Management Habits

Mr. Huo, a 56-year-old patient of mine, had been living with diabetes for over a decade without taking medication. However, a routine checkup revealed his blood sugar soaring to 16.8, prompting the doctor to recommend insulin and hospitalization. Reluctant to undergo hospitalization and insulin treatment, the determined Mr. Huo negotiated with the doctor. He proposed returning home for self-regulation, incorporating oral antidiabetic drugs. If the blood sugar didn’t improve, he agreed to hospitalization. Surprisingly, within two weeks, his blood sugar dropped to 11.2, further decreasing to 8.7 after a month. In just three months, his blood sugar levels had essentially returned to normal and remained stable.

Mr. Huo’s blood sugar management journey is exemplary and offers valuable lessons for everyone.

1. Strict Dietary Control:

Mr. Huo emphasizes the importance of healthy eating. While he consumes three balanced meals a day with limited staple foods, focusing on vegetables and moderate meat, his weakness lies in a fondness for sweets. Cookies, pastries, tangyuan, and niangao (glutinous rice cake) were frequent nighttime indulgences, contributing to his elevated blood sugar levels. Recognizing this, he took the initiative to strictly control his diet. While maintaining three meals a day, he reduced the portion of staple foods, opting for a fist-sized serving. He increased the intake of vegetables and meat, completely cutting out evening snacks and sweets. Occasionally, he satisfied his cravings in moderation and compensated with exercise.

2. Initiating Exercise Routine:

As a busy executive, Mr. Huo’s sedentary lifestyle lacked physical activity. Upon the blood sugar alert, he commenced walking to and from work, occasionally taking longer routes. In less hectic work hours, he incorporated gym sessions into his routine. Initially challenging and tiring, exercising gradually became an integral part of his life, contributing significantly to his overall well-being.

3. Adhering to Medication:

Having lived with diabetes for over ten years without medication, Mr. Huo’s case was fortunately devoid of severe complications. However, this should not serve as an example, as it’s crucial for newly diagnosed individuals to follow their doctor’s advice regarding medication. Mr. Huo, recognizing the gravity of his situation, diligently followed the prescribed medication schedule, monitored his blood sugar daily, and regularly attended follow-up appointments. This disciplined approach helped stabilize his blood sugar without triggering severe complications.

In reflecting on Mr. Huo’s case, we can learn from his commitment to strict dietary control, regular exercise, and consistent adherence to medication. It’s a testament to the efficacy of long-term commitment. However, patients are reminded not to emulate Mr. Huo’s pre-treatment approach of neglecting medication and unregulated dietary habits, which led to a critical spike in blood sugar levels.

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