Goji berries boiled porridge, often eaten can be anti-aging!

Goji berries are valuable herbs and tonics, often in life, our most commonly eaten health food in addition to red dates may be goji berries, goji berries skillfully combined with double the effect.

First, the method of matching the ingredients of goji berries

  1. Goji berries with red dates

Ingredients: 10 grams of jujube, 8 grams of goji berries

Method: put the jujube into a pot and fry it over medium heat for about 10 minutes, wait for the color of the jujube to gradually darken, pour it out and put it on a plate, cool it and set aside, there are many sealed containers that can be used to pack them first and then reserve; Put the cool dates and washed goji berries into the teapot; Add an appropriate amount of rock sugar, and then add hot water, the amount of rock sugar can be put according to your taste; Cover the teapot and pour it out for about 5 minutes after the taste comes out.

Efficacy: Make the complexion rosy, replenish qi and blood.

Beauty, white and tender skin, shiny. Goji jujube soaked in water, the method is very simple, for busy office workers, no matter how late they stay up, drinking some goji jujube water will also have a good complexion the next day. Women drink more goji berries and jujube for sleeping, frequent urination, and weak people can drink young, drink good complexion and drink healthy.

  1. Goji berries with longan

Ingredients: 20g each of goji berries and longan, 50g of raisins, 20g of honey, 200g of pineapple

Method: Rinse goji berries, longan, raisins, pineapples with water; Put in a small bowl, add honey and some water to the steamer and steam for 20 minutes.

Efficacy: Regular consumption prolongs life, enriches healthy qi, replenishes qi and nourishes blood. Goji berries with a treasure 100 years old does not show old age?

  1. Goji berries with loquats

Ingredients: 50 grams each of goji berries, loquats, black sesame seeds, peach kernels, honey to taste

Method: Finely chop loquats and peach kernels into the pot; Add washed goji berries and black sesame seeds, add water and soak; Bring to a boil over high heat, simmer for 20 minutes on low heat, take the decoction juice 1 time, add water and boil for a total of 3 times, combine the decoction, and concentrate to the paste over low heat; Add 1 times the amount of honey, cool and bottle.

Efficacy: Benefit lung and kidney deficiency, relieve asthma and cough, and use for weak and weak patients. Goji berries with a treasure 100 years old does not show old age?

  1. Goji berries with eggs

Ingredients: 20g goji berries, 2 eggs

Method: Wash the goji berries and put them in a bowl for later use; Crack the eggs into a bowl and mix well with the goji berries; Steamed and ready to eat.

Efficacy: Middle-aged and elderly people eat more goji egg custard, which can delay vision decline and prevent eyesight.

Second, the seasonal matching method of goji berries

  1. Spring with astragalus spring all things are revived, and the yang energy of the human body gradually rises. Goji berry flavor ganping supplement, can be taken alone in spring, can also be taken at the same time as sweet and warm products, help people yang qi growth, such as astragalus and so on.
  2. Summer with chrysanthemums Summer people always crave a pot of sweet and cool tea to eliminate the heat of summer, goji berries taste sweet, if with chrysanthemums, honeysuckle, green tea, etc., feel pleasant after drinking. Especially when paired with chrysanthemums, it can nourish the eyes and clear the liver fire. Goji berries with a treasure 100 years old does not show old age?
  3. Autumn with hawthorn autumn air is dry, people always feel dry mouth and cracked lips, skin flakes, and it is difficult to resist the bleak autumn wind with many moisturizers. Eating goji berries this season needs to be accompanied by moisturizing foods, such as pear, chuanbei, lily, jade bamboo, etc., the effect is better. Of course, you can also use some acidic foods, such as hawthorn, etc., to achieve the effect of “acid glycation yin”.
  4. With yam in winter, people wrap themselves in thick cotton clothes in winter to help their yang qi resist the cold. Goji berries can calm yang qi and take it every day, especially with various porridges, jujubes, longan, yam, etc. Helps the human body to grow yang and resist the cold in nature.

Third, other dietary therapeutic effects of goji berries

  1. Male infertility: take 15 grams of goji berries every night to wash and chew, for one month as a course of treatment, but also can continue to take several courses of treatment, during the period of medication should be appropriate abstinence from intercourse.
  2. Night blindness, vision loss: 6 grams of goji berries, 6 grams of white chrysanthemum, brewed water instead of tea.
  3. Pregnancy vomiting: 50 grams each of goji berries and skullcap. Put in a porcelain jar with a lid, soak in boiling water, drink frequently when it is warm, and then use boiling water to rinse after drinking to heal. Goji berries with a treasure 100 years old does not show old age?
  4. Obesity: take 30 grams of goji berries every day to wash, brew with boiling water as tea, once in the morning and evening, for four months can achieve better fat reduction and weight loss effect, and no side effects.
  5. Kidney tonics: 30 grams of goji berries, a pair of sheep kidneys, add water and seasonings and stew, drink soup and eat kidneys. The deficiency tonifying effect of goji berries focuses on tonifying the kidney, and the treatment of kidney deficiency and low back pain has a significant effect, and it is commonly used with meals.
  6. Black hair: take 100 grams of goji berries, 12 walnut kernels, 100 grams of small black beans, add an appropriate amount of water and boil until the beans are rotten, put them in the refrigerator after cooling, and take 15-30 grams each after heating every morning and evening.

Fourth, choose goji berries like this:

  1. Look at the color is not bright excessive, the part to be picked is white, if it is red, it is dyed, authentic goji berries are mostly dark red. The size is neat and uniform, if there will be shiny crystal spots on the surface of the medicinal herbs, soak them with alum, do not buy.
  2. Smell and grab a handful of goji berries and smell it closely, there is no spicy, pungent smell, which proves that the amount of sulfur dyed with smoke is not very large. Note that usually goji berries sold in the market are mostly smoked with sulfur. So, there is a pungent taste.
  3. Grab a handful of goji berries, touch them, do not stick to your hands, and there are no obvious lumps, which are better goji berries. When you touch it, there is no slippery feeling, but it is a little astringent, which is good. Goji berries with a treasure 100 years old does not show old age?
  4. Pinch a handful of goji berries, pinch them hard, if they stick together, it proves that the goji berries are back in the tide, even if they are bought back, in a few days, they will be broken. If you let go, the goji berries spread evenly, which proves to be good goji berries.
  5. Take a goji berry, open it to see, if you can see a large number of goji seeds inside, then this goji berry is autumn goji berry, not that autumn goji berries are not good, but autumn goji berries have many seeds, compared to summer goji berries, the efficacy and edible value are relatively weak.
  6. Take a goji berry and put it in your mouth, taste it, if it is sweet and not bitter, it is a better goji berry. Alcohol-smelled goji berries have gone bad and are not edible. It will not be difficult to bite, and with few seeds, it proves that it is summer goji berries.
  7. If you cut a little more carefully, find a knife, cut a goji berry, and then look at the thickness of the skin of the goji berry, the thin skin is the better goji berry. Goji berries with a treasure 100 years old does not show old age?
  8. Take a few goji berries and put them in warm water, if the goji berries sink into the water quickly, it proves that it is not a good goji berry, generally good goji berries are put into the water, naturally absorb water, after a few minutes, only sink into the water.

Conclusion: Goji berries have a powerful health effect, and are suitable for both men and women, so choose the one that suits you according to the matching method.

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