Goji berries can be eaten like this! Insomnia is good, and the skin is moisturized!

The birthplace of goji berries in the world is Zhongning County, Ningxia

If there are fresh goji berries, never eat dried goji berries

In the mouth, the sweet and sour goji berries will burst

It’s not at all the same as dried goji berries!

Zhongning County in Ningxia is the origin of goji berries

Goji berries have been cultivated for more than 500 years

It was named by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1961
“China Goji Berry Production Base County”
In 1995, it was named “the hometown of Chinese goji berries” by the State Council
Lu Shan’s family has grown goji berries for generations, which is plain
And she uses goji berries
Done a good thing

In 2014, the goji berry industry was booming
The situation is very good
An old father who has grown goji berries all his life
Supervise Lu Shan to go out and sell his own dried goji berries
I thought that with a spirit of not admitting defeat
With their own hard enough product quality will return with a full load
But reality surprised Lu Shan

During the months of the pitch,
Lu Shan found dried fruits of Ningxia wolfberries sold in the market
Quality varies
Some dried fruits are too bright and beautiful
Probably chemically treated
Long-term eating is harmful to the body

▲The media exposed the inside story of dried goji berries

She was shocked and desperate

It made her even more lost thought:

Where is the way out of dried fruit?

At the end of 2014, she had to fail in the “first campaign”

Return to your hometown and find another way

In July 2015, Lu Shan sat at the head of the wolfberry field
A question popped up suddenly:
Why can’t you sell fresh goji berries directly?
Fresh and healthy! It won’t be like dried fruit yet
There is a significant loss of nutritional value
That’s a lot better than dried fruit
Excited, she felt like she had discovered a new continent
Determined to lead the “fresh era” of Ningxia goji berries!

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In 2015, after SF Fresh Speed Dating

Lu Shan’s goji berry fresh fruit was a small success

But the problem also arises: the cost of harvesting

(Because to sell well, you can only pick large ones)
The cost of freshness remains high, and bad results also occur from time to time
What’s more, goji berries have obvious seasonality
It can only be harvested from mid-June to the end of August
This made Lu Shan gradually frustrated

If you do not forget, there will be an echo

One day in 2016, Lu Shan had a whim

Why can’t it be like ketchup

What about squeezing fresh goji berries into goji berry puree?

It can be locked in time

Retains the full nutritional value of goji berries

It can also reduce the cost of picking and preservation

There are also no seasonal restrictions

It can be drunk all year round

Healthy, highly nutritious fresh goji berry puree

Lu Shan immediately checked the professional literature and found out

Goji berries have a waxy layer on the surface

90% nutrients in the soaking process

are unable to precipitate and be absorbed

Add the vitamins contained in goji berries when boiling

Effective elements such as betaine are destroyed

As a result, the nutrient absorption rate of dried goji berries is extremely low!

Only 2.08%, or less!

Dare to think and dare to act, time is not waiting
Like making freshly squeezed juice
Lu Shan washed and sterilized the sweet and sour fresh goji berries
Directly made into fresh goji berry puree
After market testing
It was a great success and received constant praise

One bottle is equivalent to about 480 fresh goji berries: drinking one bottle is more useful than drinking 100 cups of goji berry water.
Freshly picked, quickly locked in 6 hours: no addition, no drop of water, pure goji berry puree.
No need to boil or soak, you can drink it when you open the bottle: it is convenient to eat, and you can drink Ningxia Zhongning “fresh goji berries” at home.

“Double sieve”, just to leave good fruit

The entire harvesting process is hand-picked

Harvested goji berries go through multiple rounds of screening

Pick out undesirable fruits such as mold and disease spots

After cleaning, a second screening is performed

Six major processes, only for a drop of “good pulp”

The selected goji berries need to go through again
Cleaning, sterilization, crushing, refining
Six major processes of sterilization, filling and secondary sterilization
In order to ensure the freshness of goji berry puree to the greatest extent
Picked from fresh goji berries
By the final secondary sterilization is completed
The whole process is strictly controlled and completed within 6 hours

Three major technologies, only for ultra-high quality

Ultra-low temperature crushing and bioactive stabilization technology
It can allow fresh fruit to be crushed and sterilized at high temperature
Nutrients are still retained without loss
Unique biological enzymatic hydrolysis technology
Can make goji berry puree
It can be better absorbed by the body

Fresh goji berry puree produced through proprietary technology

It is different from the common dried goji berries

There is no drying process

No fire, no injury

It is best suited for people who often work overtime and stay up late and feel tired!

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