Goji berries soak in water, wasted nutrients! Are you doing something wrong?

Recently, goji berries have been a hot word for wellness

Drink beer and don’t forget to order goji berries

Eat ice cream to pick the taste of goji berries

Stay up late playing games with goji berries


Although it’s all a joke

However, how to eat goji berries for health

Do you really understand?

Goji berries are not only rich in dietary fiber, vitamin A, iron, selenium, but also more protein, calcium, zinc, potassium and so on.

However, some folk people take goji berries to soak wine, saying that they can “produce essence and nourish the essence, nourish yin and kidney”. But does it really have this effect?

Is goji berry bubble wine really aphrodisiac?

It has been scientifically proven that wine bubble goji berries only extract some of the ingredients in goji berries into wine, and cannot produce new ingredients that help “produce essence and aphrodisiac”.

Goji berries are used to make wine, the only role is that the taste of the wine is different, so don’t think about drinking goji berry wine to achieve the purpose of “producing essence and aphrodisiac”, drinking too much alcohol is really harmful to the body.

How exactly do you eat goji berries better?

Generally, we eat goji berries are directly soaked in water, experts said, simply drink goji berry soaked water, nutrition can not be completely absorbed. If you eat it with other ingredients, not only can you absorb nutrients better, but the effect is even more significant!

Goji chrysanthemum tea


5-7 goji berries, 3 chrysanthemums, old rock sugar to taste


Take the goji berries and soak them in water for a while, rinse them, put them in a teacup, add 3 dried chrysanthemums, rock sugar to taste, and brew with boiling water.


Chrysanthemum tea is added to goji berries, both of which are eye-protecting herbs, especially suitable for office workers who stare at the computer all day, and when students review homework and have eye fatigue, a cup of goji chrysanthemum tea is very significant for Qingming.

Goji jujube tea


5-7 goji berries, 3-4 red dates, brown sugar to taste


Wash the red dates and goji berries, tear or cut the red dates, and add hot water directly to brew, you can add brown sugar to taste.


If you will have cold hands and feet and bad blood in winter, this tea is especially suitable for you. Red dates replenish qi, nourish blood and calm the spirit, goji berries replenish blood and calm the spirit, often drink red jujube and goji berry tea, and get better from the inside out!

Don’t you say, goji berries have also captured a large number of fans abroad, do you know how foreigners eat goji berries? In China, we generally drink it as a tonic, and they eat goji berries in many ways~

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