Goji berry about nourishing the liver and kidney

Goji berry about nourishing the liver and kidney

In our daily life, many friends use wolfberry to make wine to drink. It is said that this can nourish the liver and kidney, and achieve the effect of strengthening the body. And many health experts have shown that Chinese wolfberry can not only make wine, but also soak water to drink. It is said that long-term drinking has great benefits for lowering blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipids. So what is medlar good for? In the face of this question, the next time please friends and I go to see.

1. For the treatment of male infertility: take 15 grams of wolfberry every night to wash and chew, take one month for a course of treatment, can also continue to take several courses of treatment, medication should be appropriate during abstinence.

2. For the treatment of obesity: 30 grams of wolfberry are washed every day, brewed with boiled water as tea, once in the morning and once in the evening, for four months

3.For adjuvant treatment of diabetes mellitus: 100 grams of wolfberry is washed, steamed and chewed, 10 grams each time, three times a day, can be taken for a long time, can receive the help of hypoglycemic and anti-exhaustion efforts.

4. For the treatment of thirst in the elderly at night: take 30 grams of wolfberry every night, wash and chew. It is generally effective for 10 days. If necessary, it can be taken continuously.

5. Hypertension, diabetes: 15 grams of wolfberry daily, Decoction instead of tea, often effective.

6, night blindness, visual decline: wolfberry 6g, chrysanthemum 6g, water instead of tea.

7. Liver deficiency and eye pain, wind and tears, clouds and clear eyes, cataract and other symptoms: 250 grams of wolfberry, appropriate amount of yellow rice wine, immersed in the altar, sealed for 1-2 months, moderate amount of drink after eating twice a day.

8. Lycium barbarum kidney tonifying soup can be chosen: Lycium barbarum 30 grams, a pair of sheep kidneys, boiled with water and seasoning, soup to eat kidney. The tonifying effect of Lycium barbarum is focused on tonifying the kidney, which has a remarkable effect on kidney deficiency and low back pain. It should be used with meals.

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