Goji berry – absolute C position goji berry acid



“Cassie, this goji berry has been given to you for so many days, why did you think of drinking it today? Ready to get ready?”

“Sister… Our boss he has no humanity, forced me to drive out the report overnight, you see this black circle, this eye bag, my head is still dizzy, hurry up and drink some goji milk a mouthful of blood! I’ll soak some lemon slices later to supplement vitamin C! ”

“Forget it, how many times have I told you, after the dried lemon slices are soaked, there is basically no vitamin C…”

“I forgot… There doesn’t seem to be any Vc tablets at home, sister, help me go downstairs to buy some fruit! ”

“Why is it so troublesome, isn’t there a ready-made one?”

“Where? How did I not see it! ”

“…… Far away, near the mouth”

“You mean… Chinese wolfberry? ”

“To be precise, it is goji berry acid (AA2βG) in goji berries!”


“Looking at your dumbfounded face, you have to say it from the beginning. Vitamin C (Vc) is a good thing, but the stability of Vc is a big problem, metal ions, temperature, oxygen, etc. all make Vc not stable in various products, so many Vc products, including supplements and skin care products will use some black technology, or it is recommended to use up as soon as possible after activation. ”

“Yes, yes, some items work very well, but pay special attention to how to use them.”

“Therefore, in recent years, there is a new idea, that is, the use of some stable Vc derivatives, as used in the human body will be converted into Vc, of course, the Vc conversion rate of different derivatives is different! Recently, some big names are focusing on AA2G, have you heard of it? ”

“I seem to have heard that some big-name skin care products have this ingredient.”

“This is the precursor of Vc!”

(dazed) “Is it in front of Vc to protect it?”

“The one you’re talking about is called bunker… Look, this is Vc…,

This red part is a very active hydroxyl group, affecting the stability of Vc, the following two are AA2G, are they very similar to the Vc structure?”

(Another look of dazed…) “Where’s like, the following one is too complicated

Finish! ”



“The red hydroxyl group is “shielded” by the glucosyl group, which is more stable, and its antioxidant capacity is longer and more effective than Vc, and it can be more stable converted into Vc to play the corresponding function! The one on the left is called AA2αG, which is an emerging whitening ingredient widely recognized internationally, which is currently mainly obtained through synthetic processing; The one on the right is called AA2βG, which is a natural Vc derivative in the true sense, and it is also the only stable Vc precursor found from natural resources. ”

“Natural… Could it be…”


■ NO.2 ■



“Yes, this is the goji berry acid in goji berries, which is also called 2-O-β-D-glucosyl-L-ascorbic acid according to its structure.”

“It’s too complicated, I think it’s better to call goji sour kind.”

“All right, it’s in your cup! In 2004, scientists isolated and purified AA2βG from the dried fruit of red goji berry, a traditional medicinal herb in China, and its content can be as high as 1% of the net weight of dried fruit, which can be comparable to the Vc content in fresh lemon [1], which is a unique component of goji berries, and is therefore named goji berry acid. The content of goji acid can truly and effectively reflect the quality of goji raw materials and their extracts! ”

“Then what quality is this goji berry you gave me?”

“It must be a premium level! You see, there are also organic certifications! ”

“In the end, it is a good thing that my sister participated in research and development, and it is full of pride!”

“This is a bumper harvest after hardship, the pest problem in the process of goji berry planting is very prominent, some farmers use the simplest and roughest method – pesticides, our goji berries from seedlings to harvest spent a lot of painstaking efforts, using organic way to cultivate goji berries, the finished product must pass all 259 pesticide residue tests before it can be marketed!”

“Sister, it’s not easy for you! So what are the special effects of supplementing goji berry acid? (Eyes shining)

“Stupid, what are you making up VC for? Goji berry acid can do it! The literature reports that the physicochemical properties and physiological activities of AA2αG in goji berry acid and those big-name skin care products are very similar, which can significantly reduce the formation of melanin, inhibit the damage of ultraviolet radiation to cells, promote collagen synthesis, promote dermal fibroblast growth and improve wrinkles and rough skin, in a word – whitening, antioxidant, anti-aging [2]. ”



■ NO.3 ■



“Not yet, AA2βG has higher stability and longer half-life in vivo, as well as longer VC activity. Many reports have also confirmed that AA2βG has the same or even stronger antioxidant, whitening and anti-aging functions as VC [3]. ”

“I regret not drinking it sooner!”

“Not yet, in addition, AA2βG has also been reported to have hepatoprotective [4] and hypoglycemic [5] effects…”

“You didn’t say it earlier?”

“It’s given to you early, don’t you eat early?”

“Sister, what other food has AA2βG in it?”

“The only stable Vc precursor found from natural resources is the unique component of goji berries! Got it?”

“Clear and understood! So are there any supplements for AA2βG? ”

“Nothing, nowhere else. You better eat goji berries steadily! ”

“Then I will insist on drinking goji berry tea every day!”


■ NO.4 ■



“Don’t just drink tea, goji berries should be eaten whole, there are very important nutrients in it are fat-soluble, soaked in water can not be brewed!”

“What nutrients?” Is it more powerful than AA2βG? ”

“You guess?”

To be continued…

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