Goji Berry Guiyuan Bubble Wine Recipe How to soak Goji Berry Guiyuan Bubble Wine

“When people reach middle age, they have to soak goji berries in a thermos cup”, a saying once again pushes goji berries to another level. Goji berries are traditional precious Chinese medicinal herbs and nutritional tonics. Goji berries can effectively inhibit the production of cancer cells and can be used for cancer prevention and treatment. In addition to the use of traditional Chinese medicine, goji berries are also stipulated by the Ministry of Health as both food and medicine.

Of course, for the drink “goji berry soaked water” is not as magical as everyone thinks, soaking medicinal wine can maximize the effect of goji berries. Today I would like to recommend a simple and convenient goji berry sparkling wine recipe: goji berry guiyuan wine. Although the ingredients are simple, the efficacy is extraordinary. Goji berry cinnamon wine is beneficial to the heart, brain, spleen, while nourishing blood and qi, it has the effect of improving dizziness, sore back, soft legs, insomnia and forgetfulness, dizziness and tears.

  1. Goji berry and laurel round bubble wine recipe

【Ingredients】400 grams of cinnamon round meat, 200 grams of goji berries, 5000 ml of Gu Yangkang’s special wine without additives.

【Production Method】Put the medicinal herbs into 5000ml of Guyangkang’s additive-free sparkling wine, seal the mouth of the can, and soak for 7~10 days.

【Dosage】Take 2 times a day, 1 small wine cup each time.

【Efficacy】Nourish yin and kidney, brighten eyes, calm and calm the mind

Second, the effect of goji berry and laurel wine

Goji berries are tonic for the kidneys, with a peaceful taste, nourishing the blood and eyesight. It has long been recorded in ancient documents that goji berries are a medicine that blindly delays aging and treats geriatric diseases, and with cinnamon round meat soaking wine, it has obvious improvement effect on elderly liver and kidney deficiency, while goji berries have a certain therapeutic effect on diabetes, hyperlipidemia, abnormal liver function, gastritis, etc.

And Gui Yuan can beautify the face, replenish blood and calm the mind. Soaking the two together can play a role in strengthening the body, tonifying the kidney and essence, and tonifying blood and beauty.

Third, goji berry and laurel wine are contraindicated

  1. Since goji berries have a strong effect on warming the body, it is best not to eat them if you have high blood pressure, are too impatient, or have a large amount of meat on weekdays and your face is red.
  2. Goji berries have a high sugar content, 19.3 grams of sugar per 100 grams, so the dosage of goji berries for diabetic patients should be weighed and carefully considered.
  3. Soaking wine must use good quality pure grain no additive sparkling wine special wine, edible alcohol wine because of additives will destroy the efficacy of raw materials, resulting in a great reduction in the effect, directly use Gu Yangkang no added sparkling wine special wine is good, health and safety, cost-effective.
  4. Although medicinal wine has health care effects, it should never replace drug treatment, please follow the doctor’s advice.
  5. The above soaking methods are for reference only, and the specific operation must be carried out under the guidance of a professional doctor.

Men love to drink, drink more liquor, no nutrition, will also harm the body, women love to drink red wine and beer, etc., the elderly will choose nutritious bubble wine, guiyuan goji berries are the most nutritious Chinese herbal health products, combine them to make wine is not more perfect?

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