Goji Berry Recipes for Healthy Fruit

Goji Berry Recipes for Healthy Fruit

Goji berry from the Himalayas and it’s a berry and
they say that it’s the most vibrant
nutritious berry in the world it
originated from Tibet and it’s
considered to be one of the world’s most
nutrient rich fruit for centuries the
goji berry has been honored among the
Tibetans for its strength building and
properties associated with longevity
it’s a sacred secret of the East
harvested with care by monks for nearly
five thousand years this sacred fruit
has been legendary in Tibet and Chinese
medicine the berry is rich as an anti
agent anti-aging agents rich in
antioxidant oxidants vitamins and
minerals and facilitates the flow of
vitality so let’s try it what I’ve done
here I’ve soaked it for about four hours
so it blends easier so now I’m gonna
drain it there we go Wow interesting and
I have my strawberries which are already
washed I’m just gonna remove the green
part so this is just you know a nice
handful of strawberries and what I’m
going to use for a for my base is a
pomegranate apple juice since we’re
doing the berries which are high in
antioxidants pomegranate also are high
in antioxidant so I’m pouring in about a
cup and a half and the goji berries
right here there we go and about a
I couldn’t usually measure it just by
sight a tablespoon of the agave nectar
which is a natural sweetener
there we go
we are you can add some ice cubes if you
like your smoothie with a little more
frozen frozen this to it and here is the
nectar from Tibet we have to put it in a
special glass because this is a sacred
smoothie mmm this is great

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