Goji berry sparkling wine recipe How to soak goji berry bubble wine

People have to be middle-aged, and everyone is familiar with the phrase goji berries in the thermos cup, right? Although it is a joke, it also fully proves the health care effect of goji berries, and long-term consumption of goji berries has many benefits for the body. Goji berries have the effect of nourishing the liver and eyes, moisturizing the lungs and replenishing the deficiency, warming the five internal organs, and the eating method is also more casual, boiling porridge, stewing, cooking, soaking in water and drinking, soaking wine can be drunk, goji berries are also widely in China, the most famous is Ningxia goji berries, a large and full quality is good. I would like to share with you my experience of making goji berry bubble wine for the first time

At the beginning, I searched for the recipe of goji berry bubble wine on the Internet, how to brew goji berry bubble wine, showing a lot of results, most of them are more complicated, in addition to goji berries, but also with a bunch of other medicinal materials, the effect may be better, but the author is lazy, and there are no other medicinal materials at hand, searching for half a day finally found a single goji berry recipe in the “house of soaking wine”, 150 grams of goji berries, pure grain liquor 2500 ml, because of the first time to soak wine, I don’t know much about this, specially consulted a Chinese medicine friend, the friend told me, This recipe is no problem, but the selection of wine, the selection of sparkling wine jars need special attention, goji berry bubble wine is best to use 52~60 degrees of pure grain wine, can not have additives, so that the effect is good. Sparkling wine bottles can not be made of plastic and metal, highly liquor is corrosive, these two materials are very unsafe. A friend recommended to me a special wine for Gu Yangkang without additives, and his own sparkling wine at home uses this wine.

According to my friend’s guidance, I also bought a can, JD Express is very fast, place an order in the morning, and arrive in the afternoon. The packaging is quite exquisite, the introduction is specially designed for soaking wine, with its own glass wine jar, reserved a quarter of the space for medicinal materials, the designer is very intimate, saving a lot of trouble for the person who soaks the wine. Usually I like to drink high degree wine, so I bought a bottle of 2.5 liters of 60 degree Gu Yangkang sparkling wine, opened it and tasted it after receiving it, the grain aroma is obvious, the clear aroma is very positive, it should be grain wine undoubtedly.

With the divine assistance of Gu Yangkang grain wine, it is relatively simple to make goji berry bubble wine, and the goji berry bubble wine method is divided into three steps:

In the first step, remove the buckle and open the lid

In the second step, put 150 grams of goji berries in it

In the third step, put the lid back on and snap it.

That’s it, it’s simple. Soak for about 7 days and drink. Goji berry bubble wine taste is still very good, the wine aroma is relatively strong, slightly with some goji berry sweetness, insist on drinking in moderation every day, but also achieve a health effect. After tasting the deliciousness of goji berry sparkling wine, I have gradually fallen in love with sparkling wine, enjoy the fun of soaking wine with my own hands, and I will share with you some sparkling wine recipes, how to make sparkling wine, and some tips for soaking wine, welcome to discuss together

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