Head down to play the phone, how far you are from cervical spondylosis!

Prolonged head down to swipe the cell phone

Sedentary ……

Many people at a young age

Cervical spine frequently sends out warning signals

The Internet is full of “tips and tricks”

The netizens to follow the trend of imitation

A few days ago, some people say that tilting the head to play the phone

Can prevent cervical spondylosis

attracted the attention of netizens

Hospital orthopedic experts remind

“Low-head people” occasionally tilt their heads up is good

But tilting back for a long time

May also aggravate the damage to the cervical spine

And it can’t prevent cervical spondylosis

cervical spondylosis

“Tilting the head to play the cell phone to prevent cervical spondylosis” on the hot search

Recently, the topic of “tilting the head to play the cell phone can prevent whiplash” has been on the hot search, triggering the attention of netizens. According to some people, most people who tilt their heads to play cell phones do not suffer from cervical spondylosis because the action of tilting the head can make the joints between the cervical vertebrae stretch and stretch, which can reduce the burden on the cervical vertebrae and help prevent cervical spondylosis.

In this regard, the

Netizens have discussed

Some people seem to have found the “correct posture”

There are also people who are skeptical

Worry about their own cervical vertebrae

“will not be able to cope with a long period of leaning back.”

Netizen “KK” is a short video blogger, because of work, she has to use the phone from morning to night, sometimes a busy, to deal with the phone for several hours, shoulder and neck stiffness, dizziness, and sometimes nausea and want to vomit. She inadvertently brushed to the “back tilt to brush the phone” topic, she also moved to try, at home at night with her back against the sofa, the whole head back, the phone lifted over the top of the head to look up. A week later, her cervical spine difficult problem did not ease, but instead the neck leaning forward on both sides of the muscle soreness.

Experts: no preventive effect, it is recommended not to follow suit

The European Spine Society has issued a warning:

When the head down 30 degrees to brush the phone, the cervical spine will bear about 18 kilograms of pressure;

When bowing the head 45 degrees, the pressure value increases to about 22 kilograms.

It can be said that when we look down at the cell phone

The pressure of its cervical spine

is equivalent to hanging two large watermelons on the neck

But tilting the head to play the cell phone, can really reduce the burden on the cervical spine, prevent cervical spondylosis?

In this regard, the hospital orthopedics deputy chief physician said he would remind patients with cervical spondylosis from the change of lifestyle habits, which is very important, when a long time after the head down, can do more tilt the head upward movement, to help the cervical spine to restore the physiological curvature. But this statement on the Internet is cloaked in “science”, leading people to the other extreme.

“Do not take a long time to lean back as a regular choice, which is even more unable to prevent cervical spondylosis.” Zhang Bo said that a long time backward and low head are equally damaging to the cervical spine, in addition, long-term backward posture to look at the phone, will lead to neck muscle soreness, accidentally may also miss the face.

The cervical spine is very easy to be injured, because it has the greatest mobility, and the pressure it bears is also very great, and it is more likely to be strained. Especially “low head”, long time low head brush cell phone, work, etc., so that the cervical spine in the long-term high-intensity load, it is easy to appear cervical vertebrae physiological curvature stiffness, or even “reverse arch”, accelerate the cervical spine degenerative lesions.

How to prevent cervical spondylosis?

1, avoid prolonged engagement in low head bending things, such as playing cell phones, watching computers, playing sweater, playing mahjong and other actions;

2, not lying down to read books and newspapers, watching TV, master the correct posture of writing;

3, long-term computer workers, it is recommended to raise the computer monitor, lower the seat, try to look at the screen flat or slightly up;

4, ambulatory workers to avoid sitting for a long time, get up regularly to do the cervical spine back stretching exercise;

5, choose the right pillow;

6, used to sleep on their backs, the height of the pillow should be equivalent to our fist a fist high can be. On the contrary, used to side sleepers, the height of the pillow can be about equal to the height of a shoulder width;

7, in addition, long-term workers, every hour should be 5-10 minutes of rest time, take the time to do the “m” word exercise, that is, the head and both upper limbs of the forward flexion, backward extension and rotary movements, to alleviate the pressure on the cervical spine.

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