[Health] Eating wolfberry like this is a waste

Eating wolfberry

Red wolfberry has the effects of moisturizing the lungs, nourishing the liver, nourishing the kidneys, clearing away heat, improving eyesight, and replenishing deficiency and essence.

Now most people face their mobile phones and computers every day,

It is easy to cause eye fatigue and reduce vision.

Therefore, most people use goji berries to soak in water or soup,

To get the best effect of improving eyesight and protecting eyes.

Eating wolfberry

But in fact, this is wrong. In terms of eating method,

Want to absorb the nutrients of wolfberry,

The most effective way is to chew!

After washing the wolfberry,

Chew without any processing,

In this way, the absorption of nutrients will be more adequate.

5 major effects of wolfberry

  1. Improve the human hematopoietic function
    Lycium barbarum can enhance the proliferation of hematopoietic cells, increase the number of white blood cells, and enhance the body’s hematopoietic function.
  2. Anti-fatigue
    Red wolfberry can increase the storage of liver glycogen and muscle glycogen, enhance the vitality of the human body, and resist fatigue.
  3. Enhance the body’s immune function
    Eating wolfberry can improve the body’s function and enhance the body’s ability to resist diseases, enhance the body’s adaptability to various harmful stimuli, prevent the invasion of pathogens, and enhance health recovery.
  4. Anti-cancer
    Lycium barbarum can effectively inhibit the spread and formation of cancer cells. Studies have shown that wolfberry tablets are rich in germanium that can inhibit cancer cells and completely rupture them.
  5. Improve eyesight
    Lycium barbarum is also known as “eye-sighting” and has a good effect of improving eyesight. Physicians of the past dynasties often used wolfberry to treat blurred vision and night blindness caused by kidney yin deficiency and liver blood deficiency. Folks also use wolfberry steamed eggs to treat chronic eye diseases.   The misunderstanding of eating wolfberry
  6. Soaking wolfberry in hot water will cause some vitamins contained in it to be destroyed due to high temperature, and the long soaking time will easily lead to its denaturation and decrease the efficacy.
  7. The eye protection effect of wolfberry mainly depends on its rich zeaxanthin, and zeaxanthin is insoluble in water, so it can’t be released completely by soaking in water or boiling soup.
  8. Most people will throw away the goji berries after soaking them. In fact, they just throw away the nutritious part, which is too wasteful.   How to eat wolfberry to nourish the kidney?
  9. Put a handful when cooking or making porridge. Soaking wolfberry in water is the most common, but most of the vitamins contained in wolfberry are water-soluble and easily destroyed by heat. It is recommended to soak dried goji berries a little bit. When cooking, just add a little goji berries as an ingredient.
  10. Eat like ordinary food. The better way to eat wolfberry is to put it in porridge, rice, and dishes like ordinary food, which is not only nourishing, but also does not get angry.
  11. Put some when making soy milk. Many people take wolfberry soaked in water, just simply soak it, it is difficult to completely absorb the vitamins and carotene in wolfberry.

You can choose to put a small handful of wolfberry when making soymilk with the soymilk machine, so that you can make full use of the various nutrients and trace elements contained in the wolfberry.

  1. Dry chewing wolfberry is more kidney-tonifying than boiling soup. Lycium barbarum polysaccharide is a kind of proteoglycan. If it is extracted by boiling and heating, it will denature it and reduce its efficacy. Therefore, in terms of eating methods, chewing wolfberry directly will absorb the nutrients more fully, which is more conducive to its health care effect.

Generally, it is more appropriate for healthy adults to eat about 20 grams of wolfberry a day. If it is dry chewing goji berries, the amount eaten will be halved, otherwise it is easy to over-nutrition.

  Precautions for eating wolfberry

  1. If the wolfberry smells of alcohol, it means it has deteriorated, so don’t eat it.
  2. Wolfberry has a strong warming effect on the body, so people with diarrhea, inflammation, cold and fever should not eat it.
  3. Don’t eat too much goji berries a day, otherwise it will nourish too much. Normally, healthy adults can consume 20g of wolfberry every day, chew a little, and the amount consumed needs to be halved.

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