High-quality wolfberry cultivation technology training class held in Yinchuan, Ningxia

Recently, the “Third Phase of Training Course on the High-quality Development of Modern Wolfberry Industry (Cultivation Technology)” sponsored by the Office of the Working Mechanism for High-quality Development of Modern Wolfberry Industry and undertaken by the Ningxia Wolfberry Industry Development Center was held in Yinchuan. Yinchuan City (Xingqing District, Jinfeng District, Xixia District, Helan County, Yongning County), Shizuishan City (Dawukou District, Huinong District, Pingluo County), Wuzhong City (directly from Wuzhong City, Litong District, Qingtongxia City) , Tongxin County, Hongsibao District, Yanchi County) Forestry and Grassland Bureau, Forestry Technology Extension Service Center (Goji Industry Development Service Center), Agricultural Reclamation Group, etc. in charge of the wolfberry industry and technical leaders, heads of wolfberry enterprises and professional cooperatives in the jurisdiction, About 80 technical backbones participated in the training.

In the training class, the head of the Ningxia Wolfberry Industry Development Center gave a mobilization report on the training background and training requirements, and asked the trainees to cherish the training opportunities, study quietly, ask for advice with an open mind, and integrate what they have learned with what they use.

The training adopts a combination of theory and practice, which mainly includes indoor lectures and on-site observation. In the indoor classroom, researcher Qin Ken from the Institute of Wolfberry Engineering Technology of Ningxia Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, Chairman Zhu Jinzhong of the Qixin Wolfberry Seedling Professional Cooperative of Zhongning County, Professor Guo Yuqin from Ningxia Vocational and Technical College of Wine and Sand Prevention, Professor Sun Quan from the School of Agriculture of Ningxia University, Ningxia Agriculture and Forestry Wang Xiao, Minister of Wolfberry Institute (Co., Ltd.) of the Academy of Sciences, He Jia, Associate Researcher at the Institute of Plant Protection of Ningxia Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, Researcher Hu Zhongqing from the former Zhongning Lycium Bureau, and Li Yonghua, Deputy Director of the National Forestry and Grassland Wolfberry Engineering Technology Research Center, respectively focused on the characteristics and Supporting plastic and pruning technology, breeding technology and application of new varieties of wolfberry trees and seedlings, new variety of wolfberry “Ningqi No. 10” and its supporting cultivation technology, research and application of precise management technology of soil fertility and water in Ningxia wolfberry, and agronomic integration of wolfberry planting and cultivation The technology and application, the “five-step” green prevention and control technology of wolfberry, the comprehensive cultivation technology and management of high-quality and high-yield mature wolfberry, the cultivation and industrial development of a new leaf-use wolfberry variety “Ningqi 9” are systematically explained. During the on-site observation, Dean Guo Rong of the Chinese Wolfberry Engineering Academy led the trainees to observe the wolfberry culture corridor, product display area and production and processing line; Zhang Xiaobo, Director of the Wolfberry Institute (Co., Ltd.) of the Ningxia Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences led the trainees to observe the wolfberry agricultural machinery and the wolfberry seed breeding nursery . Participants conducted in-depth exchanges on technologies such as seedling breeding, plastic pruning, green prevention and control of diseases and insect pests, and integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy.

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