Home-brewed black goji berry wine, how to soak black goji berry bubble wine, you must not know

Early in the morning, the class saw that the colleagues around them were either health tea or goji berries in the teacups.

Everyone knows that black goji berries are good for the body to drink in water, and the reason why black goji berries can stand at the upstream of the “black series” food chain is that they are rich in a lot of anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins, etc. Black goji berries can be used not only to soak water, but also to make wine. Let’s share with you the black goji berry bubble wine.

A method of soaking wine with black goji berries

Although the nutritional value of black goji berries is very high, eating too much food will cause certain harm to human health, and if the ratio is not right, it will also affect the taste of black goji berry wine, so there is also a certain proportion when soaking wine.

It is generally recommended to add according to the ratio of 1:10, that is, 1 kilogram of black goji berries to add 10 kilograms of high liquor, according to this ratio of black goji berry concentration is moderate, neither too strong nor too light.

Second, the benefits of black goji berry bubble wine

Black goji berries are “nourishing soft gold known as: the title of the king of anthocyanins”, in addition to anthocyanins, wild black goji berries are also rich in riboflavin. Amino acid. And a variety of trace elements, to improve fatigue, enhance immune function, protect liver and kidney has a significant effect, in addition to wild black goji berries also has a title is “oral cosmetics” on the effect of freckle removal and anti-aging is also very good.

III. Precautions

1 bubble wine must use pure grain without additives grain wine, no added grain wine is naturally fermented and brewed, containing a variety of beneficial substances, and edible alcoholic wine is not good for people because of various additives, but also will destroy the nutrition and taste of black goji berries. Therefore, black goji berry sparkling wine must choose a special additive-free grain wine for sparkling wine

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