How many people know the benefits of goji berries and how much they cost?

The best production area of wild black wolfberries is the core area of Nuomhong in Qinghai Chamuda Basin, Qinghai has high altitude, sufficient sunlight, and large temperature difference between day and night, which is conducive to the accumulation of anthocyanins, like the choice of “Yikant” is it. The growth environment of wild black goji berries is severe and harsh, and only in a pure natural environment can the quality of black goji berries be guaranteed.

Regarding the price of goji berries, some unscrupulous traders for the sake of profit, black goji berries from other production areas and artificial black goji berries or white thorn fruits that look similar to black wolfberries in Qinghai to disrupt the price, selling them at high prices, and some merchants even sell them for a high price of several thousand yuan per catty.

In fact, the price of authentic Qinghai Nuomhong wild black goji berries has always been relatively stable, but many people pay attention to the price, think that the more expensive things are, the better, ignoring the essence of black goji berries, (for example, the brand “Yi Kangde” Qinghai special grade wild black goji berries price is basically 60 yuan / 230 grams, half will not be too expensive, I believe that friends who really pay attention to health will have their own judgment. )

Yi Kant Black Goji Berry
In order not to buy shoddy goji berries, let’s take a look at what kind of black goji berries are good?

  1. Black goji berries look, the color is not bright and excessive, the size is neat and uniform, there is no dampness.
  2. Grab a handful of black goji berries and smell them closely, there is no spicy, pungent smell, which proves that the amount of sulfur dyed with is not very large. Note that usually the black goji berries sold in the market are mostly smoked with sulfur. So, there is a pungent taste.
  3. Grab a handful of black goji berries, touch them, non-sticky, non-sticky hands, and there is no obvious lump, which is a better black goji berry. When you touch it, there is no slippery feeling, but it is a little astringent, which is good.
  4. Take a black goji berry, open it and take a look, if you can see a large number of black goji seeds inside, then this black goji berry is autumn black goji berry, not that autumn black goji berry is not good, but autumn black goji berry seeds, compared to summer black goji berries, the medicinal effect and edible value are relatively weak.

Take a black goji berry and put it in your mouth and taste it, if it is sweet and not bitter, it is a better black goji berry. Of course, it will not be difficult to bite and crush, and the lack of seeds proves that it is summer black goji berries.

After many people buy black goji berries home, they use black goji berries to soak in water, so how to soak them?

Needless to say, black goji berries should not be blistered with boiled water, nor can it be blistered with cold water, but with warm water blisters of 25-45 degrees.

Soak black goji berries with boiling water, the temperature is too high, will completely destroy the nutrition of black goji berries, the anthocyanins in black goji berries will deteriorate in the case of temperature process, soak black goji berries with boiling water, there is no nutrition, we drink it will have no meaning, and then we can clearly see that the soaked water is brown, that is, the anthocyanins in black goji berries are damaged, is this color. Therefore, black goji berries should not be blistered with boiling water.

Similarly, black goji berries can be blistered in cold water, and the color is also very good-looking, and it will not lose the nutrition of black goji berries, but we often drink cold water is not good for the body, we drink black goji berries originally for health, to eat long-term drinking cold water blisters of black goji berries is not good for the body, so black goji berries can not be blistered with cold water.

Black goji berries should be blistered with warm water, with warm water at 25-45 degrees. Black goji berries in water at such a temperature, nutrients will not be destroyed, in water at 25-45 degrees. The anthocyanins in black goji berries can be well dissolved in water. Similarly, we can see that the color of black goji berries soaked in warm water is better than the color of cold water and boiling water blisters, so black goji berries cannot be blistered with boiling water, and warm water should be used.

Goji berries and what is good to soak in water?

  1. Soak black goji berries and dates together and drink them.
  2. Drink black goji berries and chrysanthemums in water
  3. Soak black goji berries and rock sugar together in water
  4. Soak black goji berries with honey and drink them

Note: Black goji berries cannot be brewed with green tea

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