How much do you know about the effects and contraindications of goji berries

The efficacy and contraindications of goji berries How to soak goji berries in water correctly

First of all, let’s talk about what is goji berry, goji berry, also known as goji berry, red earring, is the mature fruit of the solanaceae small shrub goji berry. Pick the fruits when ripe in summer and autumn, remove the stalk, leave them in a cool place until the skin is wrinkled, and then expose to the sun until the outer skin is dry and hard, and the flesh is soft. In case of rain, it can be dried over a slight fire. Goji berries have a long history of medicinal and food homology, and are well-known precious Chinese medicinal materials at home and abroad, which were listed as the top grade as early as the “Shennong Materia Medica”, calling it “long-term service light and not old, cold and heat resistant”; It has the effect of prolonging aging and anti-aging, also known as “but Laozi”. Goji berries contain a variety of amino acids, and contain special nutrients such as betaine, maize, and acid berry erythrin, making it have very good health effects.

Now that we know the origin, we will comprehensively analyze the good and bad aspects of goji berries to the body from the following aspects.

First, the efficacy and contraindications of goji berries

Second, how to eat goji berries has the best effect

Third, how to choose goji berries

  1. The efficacy and contraindications of goji berries

Let’s start with the effects of eating goji berries:

Goji berries are rich in carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and calcium, which are all nutrients that are beneficial to eye health. Goji berries are rich in iron, which is an essential element for rebuilding red blood cells.

Organic selenium and other substances in hepatoprotective antihypertensive goji berries have the effect of protecting the liver, preventing fatty liver, promoting the growth of liver cells and reducing blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar, preventing atherosclerosis, and also has a certain auxiliary effect on the treatment of diabetes.

Goji polysaccharides and other substances in strong body goji berries can protect the reproductive system and promote the secretion of gonadal hormones, so moderate consumption of goji berries can replenish qi and strengthen essence, nourish liver and kidney.

Anti-fatigue goji berries can promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, improve immunity, and slow down fatigue and aging.

Beauty skin care often eat goji berries can improve the skin’s ability to absorb oxygen, but also play a role in whitening the skin.

Improves sleep quality

People who often have insomnia and dreams suggest that it is best to take a cup of goji berry tea every afternoon, which can greatly improve the quality of sleep at night.

Contraindications to goji berries, which situations are not suitable for eating goji berries

People with a cold and fever

Goji berries belong to hot food medicine, cold and fever body deficiency and fire, so eating goji berries or soaking water when you have a cold and fever will aggravate the condition of cold and fever.

Patients with various inflammations

People suffering from various periods of inflammation, whether oral goji berries or soaked in water, will make the inflammation more serious and even induce other adverse symptoms.

Patients with diarrhea

In the “Materia Medica”, it is mentioned that “if the spleen and stomach are weak, those who have diarrhea from time to time should not enter”. Patients with weak diarrhea will accelerate the symptoms of diarrhea after eating goji berries and have an impact on body functions, so do not eat goji berries during diarrhea.

Gastrointestinal problems and weak people

People with poor stomach and weak intestines can cause indigestion by taking goji berries raw or soaked in water, no appetite, stomach stuffiness and acid vomiting, especially in summer.

Those who are hyperlustful

There is a folk proverb “Jun travels thousands of miles, do not eat goji berries”, goji berries have the function of enhancing sexual excitement, so usually those with high desires will be more excited after eating, and even bring a series of symptoms of physical discomfort.

Those with a febrile constitution

Goji berries nourish and have the effect of warming the body, so people with humid heat and phlegm and dampness in the body are manifested as people with high blood pressure, irritable temperament, tantrums, and people who eat a lot of meat on weekdays and have a red face.

  1. How to eat goji berries has the best effect

Goji berries belong to a well-known health medicine, each of which makes you eat it differently, the following Xiaobian will share with you a few most suitable ways to eat

Goji chrysanthemum tea

Recommended degree: ★★★★

Autumn is drier, “autumn dryness” can affect the whole body, including the eyes, mainly manifested as dry eyes, stagnation and slight pain, easy fatigue, these are caused by “dryness” caused by insufficient water seepage of various organs of the human body. At this point, all you need is a cup of goji chrysanthemum tea.

According to Chinese medicine theory, “the liver is open to the eyes, the eyes are bloody” and “the essence of the five internal organs is focused on the eyes and the eyes are seen”. This means that the eyes are closely connected to each internal organ. According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, chrysanthemum flowers are “sweet, cold in taste, and have the effect of dispersing wind and heat, calming the liver and brightening the eyes”.

Goji chrysanthemum tea is easy to use, just put 10 grams of goji berries and 3 grams of chrysanthemums into a cup, brew with hot water, cover and smoulder for 15 minutes. It should be noted that chrysanthemums are cold, and people with a cold physique, usually afraid of cold, and easy to get cold should not drink frequently.

Dispel wind and dampness – goji berry sparkling wine

Recommended degree: ★★★

People who often do housework, write on papers, and use computers are prone to frozen shoulder. The disease is characterized by pain and dysfunction of the shoulder. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that frozen shoulder is mostly caused by insufficient qi and blood and cold coagulation meridians, and treatment should be based on the principle of correcting the body’s qi and blood and unblocking cold coagulation meridians. Patients may wish to try goji berry sparkling wine.

The specific use method is to take 50 grams of dried goji berries and immerse them in 500 grams of white wine (sorghum wine), drink it after 10 days, twice a day, drink 20~30 ml each time. In addition, you can also dip a little goji berry wine to rub the painful area twice a day.

Sorghum wine is warm and spicy, channeling, and the medicinal properties of goji berries are coordinated, and the effect is better. Pay attention to drinking alcohol according to your ability, do not abuse alcohol.

Enhance Yang Qi – Goji berry soup

Recommended degree: ★★★★

Autumn and winter health, soup must be on the list. Adding goji berries to pork ribs, chicken or beef broth can not only improve the taste, but also have a variety of health benefits. When the weather turns cooler, eating more warm goji berries can improve your yang qi and resist the cold.

It should be noted that goji berries have the effect of warming the body while nourishing. Therefore, people with humid heat and phlegm in the body are manifested as high blood pressure, irritable temperament, tantrums, people who eat a lot of meat on weekdays and their faces are full of red light, as well as people with colds and fevers, body inflammation, and diarrhea, it is best not to eat, otherwise it may aggravate the condition.

Dry mouth and throat – dry chewing of goji berries

Recommended degree: ★★★★★

Of all the goji berry usages, there is no doubt that dry chewing has the highest utilization rate, with a absorption rate of 100%.

Goji berries are berries with abundant juice, which can nourish the yin and quench thirst. Directly chewing and eating goji berries will absorb nutrients more fully and be more conducive to their health effects. “Practical Techniques in Rural Areas” in “What are the benefits of chewing goji berries before going to bed?” The article pointed out that goji berries can nourish the yin of the liver and kidneys, give birth to jin and calm the spirit. Chewing goji berries before bed can not only relieve dry mouth at night, but also help sleep. Zhang Xichun, a famous modern physician in China, once suffered from night polydipsia, and it was difficult to drink water, so he “chewed one or two goji berries when he was sleeping”, and his symptoms were relieved.

  1. How to choose goji berries

Goji berries are common and the varieties on the market are also dazzling, the following Xiaobian will share with you the way to select goji berries

Method 1, color

Fresh goji berries have different colors depending on the place of origin, but the color is soft, shiny, and full of flesh; The dyed goji berries are mostly aged goods from previous years, and the meat quality is poor from the sensory point of view, dull, but the appearance is very bright and attractive; The whole of the dyed goji berries is red, even the small white dots on the stem of the wolfberry are red, while the tip of normal goji berries is mostly yellow or white, and it is dark brown when baked with sulfur.

Method 2, shape

Ningxia goji berries and Inner Mongolia goji berries are both oblong, but Ningxia goji berries will float after soaking in water, Inner Mongolian goji berries will sink, while Xinjiang goji berries are round and easy to distinguish. Goji berries soaked with alum will have shiny crystal spots on the surface when irradiated with light; “Poisonous goji berries” are sticky to the touch, while natural goji berries are drier.

Method 3, smell

For goji berries fumigated by sulfur, you only need to grab a handful and cover it with your hands for a while, and then put it under the nose to smell, if you can smell a pungent choking, then you can definitely be fumigated by sulfur.

Method 4, taste

Ningxia goji berries are sweet and taste particularly sweet, but there is a hint of bitterness in the throat after eating, while goji berries in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other places are a little greasy; Goji berries soaked in white alum will have the bitter taste of white alum when chewed, and as for goji berries that have been beaten with sulfur, the taste is sour, astringent, and bitter.

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