How much is a goji seedling, how much is a goji tree?

In recent years, I have been doing seedling business, and I have often been asked how much is a goji berry seedling? How much is a goji tree? What is the price of honeysuckle seedlings? How much does a honeysuckle tree cost? The vast majority of seedling people should have encountered such problems. How do you answer that? Such problems indicate that a considerable number of people do not understand the price composition of seedlings, and simply treat seedlings as a general commodity.

Obviously, this kind of question is too broad, and it is really difficult to answer in one sentence. Let’s take goji seedlings as an example to briefly explain the price composition of goji seedlings. First of all, it needs to be understood that in addition to the market conditions that mainly affect the price (the reasons for market fluctuations are complex, and we will not analyze it here), the price of goji seedlings is closely related to factors such as use, variety, specification, grade, demand quantity, transportation cost, and production area. Only by identifying these factors can we answer exactly how much a goji berry seedling costs. Let’s briefly introduce the relationship between these factors and the price of goji seedlings. If you want to know the price of goji berry seedlings, hope it helps you.

  1. Uses

1) Goji berry seedlings for land occupation (a few cents to a few yuan, the lowest price)

Goji berries belong to Chinese medicinal materials with high economic value, and the land occupied for planting goji seedlings is compensated according to Chinese medicinal materials, and the compensation price is high. The survival rate of goji saplings cultivated by golden berry seedlings in Julu County is extremely high, at least 98%, and can be planted all year round except for winter land freezing. Goji berries have a wide range of adaptation, suitable for most climatic conditions in China, adapt to various soil types, strong stress resistance, simple planting management, and are the best choice for land compensation. Used as land occupation, general seedling selection principle: select varieties of ordinary varieties, small specifications, grade of middle and lower grade wolfberry seedlings. The price of such seedlings is also the lowest.

2) Goji berry seedlings for agricultural production (a few corners to a few yuan, the same specifications, the price is medium and upper)

Agricultural production is the most important use for artificial cultivation of goji berry seedlings. People’s demand for goji berries is extensive, the demand is extremely large, coupled with the high yield of high-quality goji berries, so that the production and planting have extremely high economic value. General seedling selection principle: first determine the variety, and then select high-quality seedlings with robust plants, developed root systems, and no diseases and pests for planting. Agricultural production seedlings are strongly recommended to visit the production area!!! Choose seedling suppliers that can guarantee varieties, sign contracts, and have scale, strength and reliability!!!

3) Special purpose (determine the price according to the needs, high, medium and low prices are very common)

Goji saplings also have many special uses, such as making bonsai, root carving, garden planting, making fence walls, producing sprouts, producing goji bud tea, producing ground bone skin and so on. All this, the price can only be set according to the actual situation of user needs. In addition to the cultivation cost of the seedlings themselves, these uses also consider sales and labor costs. No one wants to work in vain, and even more so no one wants to do loss-making business, you understand ^o^

  1. Variety

There are many varieties of goji seedlings, and there are different classifications for different methods. There are red goji berries, black goji berries, yellow goji berries, white goji berries; There are sweet goji berries, bitter goji berries; Chinese goji berry, Ningxia goji berry (Ningqi No. 1, No. 3, No. 5, No. 7, No. 9), Korean fast-growing goji berry; Fruit picking goji berries, bud picking goji berries and so on. The varieties are so diverse and complex, how to buy pure goji berry seedlings that suit your own varieties. Qualified, professional and formal seedling cultivation institutions are preferred. The wolfberry seedlings cultivated by Julu County Golden Berry Seedling Cultivation Center (18631920060 WeChat same number) have complete varieties and specifications, and can be purchased according to different needs.

  1. Specification, grade, demand quantity

Specifications, one-year seedlings, two-year seedlings, three-year seedlings, anshu stem diameter 0.3cm, 0.5cm, 0.8cm, 1cm, 2cm, etc., the general principle, the larger the specification, the higher the price. The same is true for grades, the higher the level, the higher the price. The demand quantity follows the principle of large quantity and excellence, and the larger the demand quantity, the lower the unit price.

  1. Transportation distance

Other things being equal, in general, the larger the transportation distance, the higher the unit price of goji seedlings received by the buyer, and the principle of proximity is generally followed. According to the quantity, specification, transportation distance, etc. of seedlings purchased by customers, choose the most reasonable transportation method for customers, and save every penny for customers under the premise of ensuring the safety of seedlings!

  1. Production area

The difference in the production area is also a factor affecting the price of goji berry seedlings. Due to the different economic conditions and consumption levels in different regions, the labor cost of seedling breeding is also different. Different regions have different climatic conditions, different agricultural facilities required for seedlings, and different costs for seedlings. In the main producing areas and non-main producing areas, the scale of seedlings and the proficiency of personnel are different, and the labor cost of seedlings is still quite different. The general purchasing principle is that choosing the main production area and professional large-scale production enterprises can purchase the appropriate seedlings with the lowest price.

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