How much is a pound of goji berries? Learn how to identify good goji berries

As the saying goes: “Eat goji berries all year round, and people can live with heaven and earth”. Goji berries are a good tonic, which can clear the liver and eyes, nourish the yin and lungs, nourish the kidneys and essence.

Many people like to use goji berries to soak in water, soak wine or make soup, because often eating goji berries can “strengthen the bones, withstand cold and heat”. Therefore, it is often used as a tonic and anti-aging medicine.

But many people don’t know that eating goji berries can also be beautiful, because goji berries can improve the skin’s ability to absorb oxygen, thereby playing a whitening role.

Long-term consumption of goji berries can achieve the effect of protecting the liver and eyes, nourishing yin and yang, and prolonging life, and has been loved by consumers in recent years. However, the variety of organic goji berries, Ningxia goji berries, and Zhongning goji berries on the market are dazzling, and the price is from more than ten yuan per catty to more than three hundred yuan per catty, in this regard, consumers can’t help but ask:

Goji berries How much is a pound?

Ningxia is the main producing area of goji berries, especially Zhongning goji berries have the best quality. Scientific research test reports show that Zhongning goji berries contain more than 30 kinds of trace elements and a variety of bioactive bases, among which the content of β-carotene, vitamin E and goji polysaccharides is 10%~70% higher than that of goji berries from other origins. At the same time, the content of several major trace elements such as zinc, iron, and copper is high, which can help improve human immunity. Because of this, Zhongning Goji is the only goji variety that has been included in the New Chinese Pharmacopoeia and has been given the title of “authentic medicinal material”.

With the arrival of the winter replenishment season, the annual goji berry sales season has begun again, and a goji berry price war has quietly begun. In the online sales link, I learned that the price of dried goji berries ranged from 10.9 yuan per catty to 89.9 yuan per catty. In Ningxia, the price per kilogram of dried goji berries ranges from 20 yuan to more than 300 yuan.

How mysterious is the cost and price of goji berries? We interviewed people in the industry and got the answer that it generally does not exceed 100 yuan per catty.

“When the market is good, it can be sold for 20 yuan a catty, and the normal is about 13 yuan.” Wang Yanling, a farmer in Niding Village, Shikong Town, Zhongning County, Ningxia, became the first local goji berry farmer in 1997. She calculated an account – goji berries produce about 4,000 kilograms of fresh fruit, the picking fee is 6,000 to 8,000 yuan, and after drying, you can get 800 pounds, deducting the expenses of pesticides and fertilizers, and you can earn 4,000 yuan per mu.

“My company exports 500 tons of dried goji berries every year, and the export price per catty is only 6 US dollars, about 40 yuan.” Yong Yuewen, the largest supplier of Zhongning goji berries in the European and American markets and chairman of Ningxia All Access Company, a native of Zhongning, calculated the account, “The average purchase price of goji berries that meet the export standards from the market is about 20 yuan, and the hair, dust and other impurities and small grains of goji berries are separated and screened through machine screening, and then through manual picking, broken particles, mildew particles, insect moth grains, etc. are picked out, the general yield is about 70%, the minimum is only 50%. Yong Yuewen said, “Counting the costs of drying, transportation, production, labor, packaging and other costs, the export profit per kilogram of dried wolfberry fruit is not as high as the outside world imagines.” “Goji berries sold online are sold for as little as 10 yuan a pound, and a large part of them are leftover goji berries with small grain size after processing and selection by enterprises.

As a group of people who work and live in Ningxia all year round, they basically have their own trusted channels to purchase goji berries, taking the Yinchuan market as an example, about 55 yuan per catty.

“If goji berries are processed locally, with the most advanced equipment, the most complete quality control system, and the strictest screening and processing procedures, to ensure the supply of the best medicinal goji berries, the cost is equivalent to 80 yuan per catty.” Zhou Jiaqi, president of the Zhongning Goji Berry Association, said that the data comes from Ningxia Zhongning Goji Industry Development Co., Ltd., whose planting base covers an area of more than 20,000 mu, accounting for more than one-fifth of the goji berry planting area in Zhongning County.

In recent years, the manor goji berries that have appeared on the market are contracted by some enterprises themselves, and they are nursed, cultivated, fertilized, sprayed, picked, screened and processed according to organic standards, and the quality is better, but the price is relatively stable at 120 yuan per catty. As for the expensive so-called high-end goji berries and good goji berries on the market, remind consumers to choose carefully!

As a specialty of Ningxia, Zhongning goji berries have slight differences from goji berries from other production areas, and we have sorted out several simple ways to identify authentic Zhongning goji berries, hoping to guide consumers to consume and eat scientifically.

At a glance of the fruit shape, Zhongning goji berries are oval, flat, long but not round, long but not thin;

Second, look at the color The dried fruit of Zhongning goji berry is dark red or purple red, and the fruit color is consistent;

Three look at the fruit navel The navel of Zhongning wolfberry is obviously white, and the fruit body has a small tip at the end;

Look at the agglomeration Goji berries everywhere are squeezed to agglomerate, only Zhongning goji berries gently patted and pressed, the lumps immediately loosened, and other goji berries are not easy to loosen;

Five test sinking Zhongning goji berries put into clear water have a high floating rate, can not sink immediately, other origin goji berries sink quickly;

Six tastes Zhongning goji berries have thin skin and thick flesh, pure taste, sweet, and slightly bitter;

Seven distinguish the smell Zhongning goji berries open the sealed package has a special fragrance.

Good goji berries, can be a little more expensive

Goji berry brands are currently well-known in the market and are more easily accepted by consumers.

Overall. The reason for the different prices of goji berries is not only the difference in the grade of its own goji berries, but also the positioning of the brand is different, such as the quality of goji berries of Fan Fan is really nothing to say, it can be called carefully selected, but the price is really not very close to the people, it is a bit luxurious for ordinary people to eat, but it is a good choice as a high-end gift!

Of course, everyone’s shopping preferences are different, and what kind of brand to choose must be their favorite, but it is worth reminding that the primary condition for everyone to choose is to be reliable in quality, and the general brand can be based on the guarantee of quality, try not to go to the stall to buy.

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