How to choose wolfberry

Goji berries, many people know that eating goji berries is good for their health, and they are usually accessible in life, but many people don’t know where to buy authentic goji berries. Today I will tell you about goji berries. Various things, to help everyone understand how to distinguish between good and bad wolfberry.

How to choose wolfberry

In the middle, I will tell you about the category of wolfberry. First of all, there are two categories of wolfberry, red wolfberry and black wolfberry. These two types of wolfberry are not only different in appearance, but also the nutrients and prices contained in them are endless. identical.

Let’s talk about red goji berries. The simple differences between red goji berries are as follows:

How to choose wolfberry

Look: good wolfberries are light red, not as bright red as everyone thinks, because the color of wolfberries will gradually become lighter after the sun is irradiated, and there will be white particles precipitated, and those bright red wolfberries will not It is not the premium wolfberry as advertised, but the chemically treated wolfberry or because the wolfberry is damp, it will appear bright red when it comes in contact with water. This type of wolfberry is harmful to the body and is not recommended for consumption.

How to choose wolfberry

Smell: Good goji berries have a faint fruity scent, which will smell very comfortable, but processed goji berries will have a pungent smell, and some bad businessmen will wax the surface of goji berries The way to improve the brightness of wolfberry, but also to isolate the smell of chemicals.

Touch: Fresh goji berries have a texture to the touch, and the particles are separated between each goji berry and will not stick to one piece.

Soaking: When a good wolfberry is soaked, the water body will appear light yellow, and it takes three to five minutes to make a significant change in color. The bad wolfberry either does not change its color no matter how long it is soaked, or the color of the wolfberry water immediately turns yellow when it is put in. Neither of these two types are manifested by a good wolfberry.

By the way, it is recommended that you can eat it after soaking the wolfberry in water, not only to ensure that it is not wasted, but also to ensure that the nutrition of the wolfberry can be completely absorbed by the body

How to choose wolfberry

Chinese medicine effect of wolfberry

  • Improving the immune function of the body is one of the effects of wolfberry

Eating wolfberry can strengthen the body’s strength and strengthen the body’s vitality, strengthen the body’s function and promote health recovery, and can also improve the body’s disease resistance and resist the invasion of pathogens. Enhance the body’s ability to adapt to various harmful stimuli.

  • Anti-fatigue is the second effect of wolfberry

Lycium barbarum can significantly increase the reserves of muscle glycogen and liver glycogen, improve human vitality, and have anti-fatigue effects.

  • Enhance learning and memory function is the third effect of wolfberry

Lycium barbarum can improve the function of the brain and enhance the ability of learning and memory.

  • Improving the adaptability of the body is the fourth effect of wolfberry

Lycium barbarum can improve the adaptive defense function of the human body, and make people suffer from noxious stimuli, such as hypoxia, cold, blood loss, etc.

  • It can enhance the hematopoietic function of the human body is the fifth effect of wolfberry

Lycium barbarum can obviously promote the proliferation of hematopoietic cells, increase the number of white blood cells and enhance the hematopoietic function of the human body.

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