How to distinguish fake wolfberry

Modern people’s lives are getting more and more stressful, working overtime, staying up late, drinking and socializing, insomnia, dreaming and sleeping well, have all become commonplace. Soaking wolfberry in the thermos cup has become the standard of health care for the post-90s “sichuan and auntie”!

distinguish fake wolfberry

The reason why Lycium barbarum has the same reputation as the health preservation is because Lycium barbarum is rich in a large amount of Lycium barbarum polysaccharides. Lycium barbarum polysaccharides have many functions such as regulating immunity and delaying aging, which are deeply loved by people.

The “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that “only Ningxia wolfberry can be used as medicine”. The content of polysaccharides in the six major production areas of wolfberry in my country is the highest in the country. This is also the meaning of eating wolfberry.

distinguish fake wolfberry

Although the quality of Ningxia wolfberry is good, the yield is low. Ningxia grows less than 10% of the industry! Therefore, the supply is tight, which also causes wolfberries from other origins, especially Qinghai wolfberries, to flow into the market every year. They pretend to be good-quality and higher-priced Ningxia wolfberries to obtain high profits at a low cost. However, more than 95% of the merchants said that they themselves The wolfberry sold is authentic Ningxia wolfberry, how should we judge it?

Don’t worry! Xiaoqi teaches everyone in six steps to distinguish between true and false Ningxia wolfberry!

Step 1: Do not look at the production area

People who don’t know much about goji berries think that the bigger the fruit of Ningxia goji berries, the better, but this is not the case, and size cannot be used as a criterion.

distinguish fake wolfberry

Nowadays, there are many unscrupulous merchants on the market who use 180 grains/50 grams of Qinghai wolfberry to pretend to be Ningxia wolfberry, but the real Zhongning wolfberry is mostly of medium size. The main thing depends on whether it is produced in Zhongning. Only the polysaccharide content of wolfberry in Ningxia wolfberry is higher in all producing areas and contains the most nutrients.

Step 2: Grab a hand to see dryness

Stretch out your palm, make a fist and squeeze a handful of wolfberries. Ningxia wolfberry appears slightly sticky, but it will still loosen. Counterfeit Ningxia wolfberry will stick into pieces, not easy to loose, and the palm of the hand will be sticky. This is because wolfberry in other places contains a lot of sugar, so it will quickly stick together in the hand with a handful. Although Ningxia wolfberry contains sugar, it is a kind of food that diabetic patients can use to reduce blood sugar.

Step 3: Chew and taste

Take a few pieces of wolfberry and chew it in your mouth. Ningxia wolfberry chews slightly sweet and slightly bitter, not sour or astringent. The fragrance in the mouth has a long aftertaste, and the taste is sweet and greasy. The fake Ningxia wolfberry is sweet, greasy and sour in the mouth, and the mouth feels cloudy. Because wolfberry in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other places are high in sugar, it is sweet and greasy to chew, while wolfberry soaked in alum will taste bitter when chewed, and wolfberry that has been beaten with sulfur will taste sour, astringent and bitter.

Step 4: Sniff the smell

After opening the package, smell the odor to distinguish. After opening the package, Ningxia wolfberry has a strong scent, natural fragrance, and no pungent odor. Counterfeit Ningxia wolfberry has a lighter scent, a choking smell, and a slightly alcohol-like taste. This is because the smoked wolfberry naturally has the properties of sulfur dioxide and sulfurous acid generated by the sulfur after ignition, so it will have a sour smell.

Step 5: Observe the white spots on the fruit base

Observe the pedicle of each wolfberry. There are obvious white spots on the pedicle of Ningxia wolfberry, the color is dark red, and there is no broken fruit. Moldy fruit, fake Ningxia wolfberry pedicle has few white tips or no bright red color, moldy and broken fruit There are many grains, because the newly harvested Ningxia wolfberry in June and July has mostly white spots. After a period of normal drying, sugar and oil will leak out, so it will oxidize and darken. However, the sulfur smoked wolfberry will last a long time and oxidize. The color remained bright red afterwards, and the white tip was also dyed.

Step 6: Soak in water to see the floating rate

Take some wolfberry into water. After soaking in water, Ningxia wolfberry has a floating rate of 80%. The color of the soup is pale yellow, clear and shiny, without turbidity and serious discoloration, the fruit is firm, and the chewing is tough. The fake Ningxia wolfberry has a floating rate of less than 80%. The soup is turbid in color, the color is thick, the fruit is soft, chewing soft and fat. This is because Ningxia wolfberry is rich in wolfberry polysaccharides and has a small specific gravity, so the floating rate is high. The sulfur smoked wolfberry not only has a low floating rate, but also has a lot of residues after chemical treatment, and the soup is naturally turbid.

Sulfur-fumigated wolfberry will seriously affect the quality and efficacy of wolfberry. It will also cause great damage to major organs such as liver and kidney. Therefore, learning to distinguish Ningxia wolfberry can better protect your health and rights.

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