how to distinguish Wild black wolfberry!

Wild black wolfberry, namely black fruit wolfberry, Lycium ruthenicum Murr., A species of the genus wolfberry Solanaceae.Mainly produces in Jiuquan, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Tibet and some desert lands. High altitudes,dry climate, ecological environment clean, pollution-free.
Now teach you how to distinguish Wild black wolfberry!

1) Look at the color
Wild black wolfberry (Wild Wild Lycium barbarum L). Natural color, natural black and bright, white fruit handle.Dyeing black wolfberry is uneven in color, easy to decolor, and fruit stalk is black.The color of the black Chinese wolfberry while soaked in water can generating the different colors such as blue or purple due to differ PHP value of water quality, this is because black wolfberry is rich in high anthocyanin. Brewing with tap water appears blue (alkaline water), brewed with mineral water appears purple (neutral water) can be directly consumed, brew 5-6 times, effective nutrients leaching all of black Chinese wolfberry, until water turn into white color.

Wild black wolfberry chenge color

Wild black wolfberry (Wild Wild Lycium barbarum L). Only natural fruit aroma after sun drying, no odor.
Dyeing black wolfberry – The pungent smell of Sulphur Fumigation is unpleasant

Smell Wild black wolfberry

Wild black wolfberry (Wild Wild Lycium barbarum L).Rapid wire drawing, comfortable and easy to chew fruit seed feel obvious. Dyeing black wolfberry – Taste will have a little bit of sulphur spicy, water does not draw silk, color turbid impurities.

taste Wild black wolfberry

Wild black wolfberry, The mensuration, the black wolfberry contains 17 kinds of amino acids, 13 kinds of trace elements, including calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron content is higher than the red Chinese wolfberry. berry globose, thin skin, skin black-purple, after cooked fruit contained rich purple pigment, easily soluble in water, which belongs to natural water-soluble glucoside flavonoids of design and color. The black wolfberry of Chinese wolfberry is the highest ever discovered procyanidins content of wild plants.

Wild black wolfberry vs fake wolfberry

Must insist for a long time, eat a little bit every day can be effective. Soaked in water to drink, no high temperature brewing (suggest it is advisable to 60℃ warm water).

Bubble drink black wolfberry, enjoy the essence of heaven and earth. With nourishing the liver, brighting eye, supplying blood, calmming the nerves, thirst quenching, soothing lung, stoping cough, improving blood circulation, slow down aging and more effects.

Wild black wolfberry in china

Adults take 3-6 grams per day of black wolfberry to bubble water (that is, consuming 30-40 grain of black wolfberry per day is best). Do eat 5 to 10 grams of black wolfberry is more appropriate, can also according to their own conditions and then increase or decrease the quantity of black wolfberry, in order to achieve the best results so far. Also can chew in the mouth, also can soaked in water to drink.Nutritional value is much higher than ordinary red Chinese wolfberry, known as “soft gold”.

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