How to Eat Goji Berries for Maximum Health Benefits? Master the Right Methods

Goji berries, a hot topic among internet users for their health benefits, have various opinions on how to consume them for health purposes. So, how should one eat goji berries to derive the most benefits for the body? Should they be brewed as tea or consumed raw? What are the advantages of eating goji berries? Let’s explore the proper ways to eat goji berries for optimal health.

How to Eat Goji Berries for Maximum Health Benefits:

  1. Consider the Constitution of Those Consuming Goji Berries:
    Before consuming goji berries, it’s essential to consider the individual’s constitution. People with conditions such as dampness, heat, excessive heat, or weak spleen and stomach should avoid goji berries. Additionally, individuals with lung tuberculosis, fatigue, hypertension, etc., are not recommended to consume goji berries without medical guidance. It is strictly advised not to give goji berries to children during a fever.
  2. Control the Dosage of Consuming Goji Berries:
    According to national pharmacy regulations, a dosage of 6-10 grams or 12 grams is considered safe. If used as a health supplement, a daily intake of no more than 20 grams, around 15 grams, is generally acceptable. For special cases, such as certain medical conditions, the recommended intake does not exceed 30 grams, around 20 grams. The dosage depends on an individual’s constitution, and it’s crucial to note that while occasional consumption of 30 grams may be permissible in specific situations, it should not be a daily practice. Excessive consumption may lead to nosebleeds, discomfort in the eyes, aggravated internal heat, and other adverse effects. Goji berries, known for nourishing the liver and kidneys and regulating yin and yang, can have varying effects on the body based on the consumption quantity.
  3. For Different Age Groups:
    The effectiveness of goji berries varies across age groups. For individuals facing significant life stress in their youth, a daily intake of 10 grams in the form of tea or soup is recommended for better results. Middle-aged individuals (40-50 years) can benefit from soaking goji berries in alcohol and consuming no more than one or two glasses per day for replenishing effects. Elderly individuals are advised to wash goji berries thoroughly and use them in soup, occasionally consuming raw berries in moderation to help with anti-aging and fatigue relief.
  4. Special Population Groups:
    Individuals with conditions such as diabetes require special attention. Whether used in soup, tea, or raw form, it’s crucial for patients with diabetes to follow the guidance of a healthcare professional.

In summary, middle-aged and elderly individuals can moderately consume goji berries, such as soaking them in alcohol, as long as they are not prone to excessive social engagements and do not have conditions like excessive heat, strong heat, or weak spleen and stomach. Those with yin deficiency may experience increased internal heat, so they should be cautious about the quantity of goji berries consumed. People with a cold or fever should avoid goji berries since they have warming effects on the body. Not everyone is suitable for consuming goji berries, as their warm nature may not be suitable for individuals with certain conditions.

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