How to Plant Pruning Goji Berry at home

grow Goji berries
  1. First of all, we need to buy medlar seeds or root seedlings. We suggest to buy root seedlings, which is the fastest way.
  2. Potted Goji berries is suitable for winter dormancy period. The original mother branches of Goji berries are completely truncated and retained 58 cm long. It will blossom and bear fruit after sprouting and shooting in spring next year. In this way, the potted plants of Goji berries are neat in shape, breathable and transparent, and grow vigorously.
  3. The potted soil of Goji berries should be regulated by base fertilizers such as rotten leaf soil, soil, river sand and little bone meal. This kind of soil is especially suitable for the potted plant development of Goji berries and similar potted plants.
  4. The growth rhythm of Goji berries potted soils should be kept moist and fertilized once a month. Be careful not to fertilize flowers too often.
  5. Watering should be controlled as far as possible in winter and fertilization should be stopped. Watering should be carried out according to the time period of watering the flowers. If the soil in the flowerpot is not dry, do not water the flowers first.
  6. In spring, the wolfberry should be replaced once, some old soils should be removed, and new cultivated soils should be added to make the wolfberry grow and flourish.
grow Goji berries

Goji berries is a treasure all over its body. Its leaves, fruits, roots and bark can be used as medicine. It is a precious Chinese medicinal material. Its fruit and custom is regarded as wolfberry, rich in blood, lung, liver, eye, stomach, longevity and other functions, generally made into wolfberry wine, wolfberry paste, wolfberry porridge and other tonics.

grow Goji berries
grow Goji berries

The root of Goji berries is called Digupi, which contains theophylline, residual alcohol, linoleic acid and so on. Its leaves are called Tianjingcao, which contains vitamin C, lysine, potassium nitrate and so on. It can reduce blood pressure and blood lipid. It is one of the most important traditional Chinese medicines for anti-aging.

grow Goji berries

Therefore, potting a wolfberry tree in the balcony at home means raising a baby.

potting a wolfberry

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