How to grow goji berries by yourself

Life pressure is more and more big, people now pay more and more attention to health and health, goji berries has a very big effect, and someone often use it after water or cooking porridge to eat no matter what kind of way, can bring great effect to people’s health. So how should medlar plant? Let’s study it together.

grow goji berries

A. Chinese wolfberry should have a plan and arrangement for the land before it is planted

Although goji berries can be grown anywhere, and its land requirements are not so strict, so you can grow on any kind of land, but in order to make goji berries can get a high yield, you still have to choose a suitable place to grow when you plant goji berries.

Goji berries are best found in a well-ventilated sandy loam. In addition, the land should be thoroughly arranged before planting, so as to make planting more convenient in the future, and a reasonable plan should be made for the land. Make the land smooth so that you can grow goji berries well, and don’t let the land potholes, avoid the seedlings of goji berries by drought or flood disaster.

grow goji berries

B. reasonable watering

In the planting of Chinese wolfberry before a period of time to give the land irrigation enough water, and after the planting of Chinese wolfberry should also be timely watering, so as to avoid some of the relatively high salt content of the land will hurt Chinese wolfberry, ensure the growth of Chinese wolfberry seedlings can be normal.

After pouring water, the soil should be loosened, which can improve the temperature of the soil and make the soil loose and reduce the evaporation of water. In addition, some growing weeds can be removed. At the same time, the death of trees can be reduced and the normal growth of seedlings can be promoted.

C. cover earth

The surface of the land where goji berries are grown should be covered with organic soil or some plants. Why cover the surface of the land with a layer of organic soil?

The purpose of this is to reduce evaporation of water.

Second, it keeps the soil from becoming saline.

Mulch can be straw from some crops or fallen leaves and bark.

D. apply fertilizer

the growing of goji berries, some natural fertilizer should be applied to ensure that the berries have sufficient nutrients to absorb.

E. preparation of medlar seedlings.

The time to transport the medlar seedlings to the planting site should be in March or early April. If the transplantation is carried out too early, the soil has not thawed, so the medlar seedlings cannot take root well after planting, and there is no way to sprout, so the transportation time should be in mid-march or early April.

The root of Goji berries is called Digupi, which contains theophylline, residual alcohol, linoleic acid and so on. Its leaves are called Tianjingcao, which contains vitamin C, lysine, potassium nitrate and so on. It can reduce blood pressure and blood lipid. It is one of the most important traditional Chinese medicines for anti-aging.

transport goji berries

F. Transport of seedlings
In the process of seedling transportation

if you need to transport medlar seedlings to the planting base, you should dip the roots of each seedling with some soil, and tie them in bundles of 50. Then put the bag into the bag, and the bottom of the bag to have some wood chips. It is important to be careful not to be caught in high winds while in transit.

G. Management after planting

Seedlings should be planted in a timely manner after transportation to planting techniques. If they cannot be planted in a timely manner, they should be placed in a place with relatively high terrain and good drainage. However, they should be taken care of frequently to prevent seedlings from being blown dry or rotting.

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