How to grow organically goji berry?

Goji Berry is Healthy Fruit

rewarding experience goji berries or
wolf berries as they’re sometimes called
are loaded with antioxidants they also
have high concentrations of vitamin B C
and amino acids the great thing is you
can grow them at home goji berries are
native to China and our Hardy in zones 3
through 10 the plants are drought
tolerant their container adaptable and
all-around easy to grow there are
relatives of the tomatoes and eggplants
and they have cute little purple flowers
and bright orange and red berries goji
berries need full Sun but they will
tolerate part shade and they need a pH
between six point eight and eight point
one if your pH is lower than that you
can add some lime like this oyster shell
line you can plant goji berry from seed
but if you plant with the bare root
stock like this you’ll get fruit sooner
and the first year you’ll probably get
just a little bit of fruit but after
that you’ll get a full crop you can
plant and grow goji berries directly in
a container and leave them there or if
you want to plant them in the ground
we suggest starting them in a pot and
this is a fiber pot that can go directly
in the ground goji berries are happy in
containers and you’ll get a more compact
plant plus it’ll prevent the roots from
spreading kind of like raspberries do
the minimum size for growing a goji
berry in a container is 5 gallons and it
should be as deep as a five-gallon
bucket because goji berries put down a
deep taproot before planting soak the
bare roots for about 15 minutes to an
hour in water I’m using the peaceful
valley organic potting soil you can use
any standard potting soil just don’t use
any peat moss it’s too acidic this is
the crown of the bare root plant the
crown is where the roots start the crown
should be the same level as the top of
the soil water the plant and then if the
soil settles too much add a little bit
more soil to get it up to the
I’ll keep the plant moist after you see
about six to eight inches of growth it
can be planted directly in the ground
pot and all goji berries should be
planted about two feet apart they get
about 10 to 13 feet tall if you don’t
prune them and they have a spread of
about four feet you can train them like
a grapevine on a trellis or you can
leave them as a shrub the plants are
very drought tolerant once established
when they’re very young give them about
an inch or two of water every week don’t
prune them until after the first year
then pick a chute to be the main chute
and prune off any lateral shoots below
it about 15 inches from the ground when
the plant reaches 2 feet tall in the
summer pinch out the growing tips to
cause side branching where the fruit
will be born after your basic structure
is established just prune back to the
height you want to keep it maintain
clearance from the ground prune out any
unproductive branches and thin out
branches after the berry season goji
berries will fruit and flower all
through the summer until the first frost
so plant this superfood and grow organic
for life.

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