How to Identify GOJI Berry

How to Identify GOJI Berry

1.look at the appearance.
The real Ningxia & Qing wolfberry (GOJI Berry) is oval, short and fat, full fruit, thick pulp, bright red or dark red. The appearance of Lycium barbarum from Hubei and Hebei is longer and thinner.

2. Hand touch.
Feel the softness, lightness and weight of the sputum by hand, loose or dense, smooth or sticky, fine or rough, to identify the quality of cockroaches. The real fruit of Lycium barbarum in Ningxia is smooth, soft and sticky, while the texture of Lycium barbarum in Hubei and Hebei is slightly rough, thin and relatively hard.

3. Taste.
The real Ningxia wolfberry is sweet and slightly sour, while the Hubei and Hebei wolfberries are sour and bitter.

4. Bubble method.
If a large number of wolfberries sink, it means that it is not qinghai wolfberry. If the water color becomes brick red, attention should be paid to dyeing and fumigation treatment, light yellow means normal.

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