How to make black goji berries, the method of homemade black goji wine, the tutorial is here!

I believe that everyone must be very familiar with black goji berries, and it is one of the hottest agricultural products in recent years. Rich in anthocyanins, ten times more than blueberries, it has a very good antioxidant effect, and is known as the wild “blue fairy”. It is a treasure that nature has given us. It is highly sought after by young people, especially office workers, who often face computers, irregular work and rest, and their bodies are in a sub-healthy state for a long time. Proper consumption of some black goji berries can improve sleep quality, replenish blood and calm the nerves, nourish the liver and eyes, enhance immunity, and even anti-aging effects. Its eating methods are also relatively extensive, into medicine, soup, water, and wine, and share your own black goji berry brewing process below.

【How to brew black goji wine】

280 grams of black goji berries, 60 degrees (or 52 degrees) 2500 ml of Gu Yangkang pure grain liquor, one wine tank.

  1. Wash and dry.

Second, clean the wine tank, blanch the hot water several times (disinfect), wipe the inside clean, and dry it with absorbent paper. There can be no water, and the bottle should be sealed well.

Third, put the black goji berries into the wine jar and pour in the grain wine (the wine must be made with pure grain without additives, otherwise the taste is not good, and the good ingredients are wasted. )

  1. Place in a place protected from light and room temperature, you can shake the bottle every 7 days, cover and seal for about 30 days before drinking, take with meals, 1-2 times a day, 20-30 ml each time.

【Benefits and precautions of black goji wine】

  1. Nourish the five internal organs, anti-fatigue, long-term use also has the effect of beauty and beauty, delay aging, and immunomodulatory effect.
  2. Although black goji berry wine is good, it is not recommended to drink more, drink in moderation. It is not recommended to eat in the case of weak spleen and stomach function, yin deficiency and fever.

3 The above is only personal experience in soaking wine, it is recommended to consult a professional for details.

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