How to make black goji berries What is the proportion of black goji berries soaked in wine

When it comes to goji berries, the first thing we think of is red goji berries, which can be eaten directly, or soaked in water, wine, cooking, etc., which have certain health care effects, and red goji berries have many uses. But when it comes to health care, there is another kind that can be compared with red goji berries, that is, black goji berries.

Black goji berries have many effects, the main ones are

  1. Enhance the body’s immunity

The main active ingredient in black goji berries is the anthocyanins it contains, which are active ingredients with antioxidant effects that can help remove free radicals in the body, thereby improving the body’s immunity.

  1. Protect human eye vision

Studies have shown that in addition to enhancing immunity, anthocyanins can also help promote the regeneration of rhodopsin in the retina, which in turn can prevent retinal detachment and achieve the effect of enhancing vision.

  1. Improve the quality of human sleep

Black goji berries also have a good effect on the quality of human sleep, and this active ingredient also comes from the action of anthocyanins, which can help cross the blood-brain barrier, and then protect the brain nerves from oxidation, thereby stabilizing brain tissue function and achieving the effect of improving sleep.

  1. Slow down the aging of human skin

As mentioned earlier, anthocyanins are a strong oxidizing active ingredient, so it has a certain effect on preventing the formation of skin wrinkles, and it can also prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging the skin, thereby avoiding serious damage to the skin.

Using black goji berries to soak wine can play a role in nourishing the liver and eyes, tonifying the kidney and improving the essence, and delaying aging.

What kind of liquor is best to choose for black goji berry soaking medicinal wine, this is worth paying attention to, the wine is chosen correctly with half the effort, the wrong choice, not only does not have the expected effect, but may also have side effects, here to give you a detailed explanation.

  1. Black goji berry bubble wine must choose white wine made from pure grain wine. According to media reports, 70% of the liquor on the market is edible alcohol blended wine. The difference between edible alcoholic wine and additive-free grain wine is that additive-free grain wine is naturally fermented and brewed, containing a variety of beneficial substances, while edible alcoholic wine is not good for people because of various additives, and will destroy the effect and taste of black goji berries. Therefore, black goji berry bubble wine must use additive-free grain wine, this real additive-free grain wine is not easy to find in the market, the author recommends a professional additive-free bubble wine special wine bought by Tmall: Gu Yangkang additive-free sparkling wine special wine, real additive-free grain wine, very suitable for black goji berry bubble wine.
  2. A slightly higher number of liquor is easier to kill the germs of the raw materials, and is more conducive to the dissolution of organic matter in animal and plant medicines, the water seepage of the raw materials will also dilute the alcohol content, and with the passage of storage time, the degree of wine will also decrease, the alcohol is too low, and it is easy to deteriorate when stored for a long time, so the black goji berry bubble wine degree 52~60 degrees of additive-free grain wine.

Black goji berry brewing medicinal wine should be selected with clear fragrance type, clear aroma type wine acid and lipid content is less, can better dilute the medicinal ingredients in the medicinal materials, not easy to saturate; The fragrance type has a light taste, which can retain the aroma substances of the medicinal herbs to the greatest extent, so that the wine aroma and the medicinal aroma are well integrated, so the black goji berry brewing medicinal wine should be selected as a clear fragrance type liquor.

  1. What container is better for black goji berry wine?

Black goji berries should be made in pottery altars or glassware. Plastic and metal brewing wine is strictly prohibited, plastic metal wine will escape harmful substances, glass will not appear in this situation, glass should also choose lead-free environmental protection glass, brewing medicinal wine is safer, which is also another reason why I recommend “Gu Yangkang no added sparkling wine special wine”, Gu Yangkang no added sparkling wine special wine uses lead-free environmental protection glass, the bottle design is very humane, the bottle only contains a large part of the wine, deliberately leaving a few thousand milliliters of space, you can directly add sparkling wine materials, eliminating the need to buy wine and sparkling wine bottles again, Very convenient.

Let’s talk about how to make black goji berries in wine? What is the percentage of black goji berries sparkled wine?

According to the method given by the traditional Chinese medicine dictionary, the ratio of black goji berries to white wine is about 1:20. That is, choose 250 grams of black goji berries and 5000ml of Gu Yangkang’s additive-free sparkling wine, you can also increase or decrease the amount according to your own taste.

Wash the black goji berries and let them dry. Then directly put it into the special wine of Gu Yangkang grain wine, cover and soak and seal for 30 days before opening and drinking.

Black goji berries are known as “nourishing soft gold”, its medicinal value is recognized by traditional Chinese medicine, although it has a good tonic and relieving effect, but if there are some common diseases need to pay attention, such as people who are cold and fever, body inflammation, diarrhea do not take it temporarily, so as not to affect the recovery of the body. Black goji berry wine is actually a medicinal wine, pay attention to the dosage, can be taken twice a day, within 40ml each time.

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