How to pick good goji berries

In this healthy society, after the development of goji berries, more and more people eat them, and the therapeutic role that goji berries can play is also increasing. For example, the role of goji berry tea in improving sleep and physical fitness has been welcomed by the public and widely used.

However, while goji berries are popular with the public, they have also been complained by a small number of people, because a small number of people occasionally buy some bad goji berries in the market due to the storage and production of goji berries. Everyone should know that bad things are bad, so this part of the bad goji berries completely hurt people’s hearts after being eaten.

Because this part of the bad goji berries not only did not play their due therapeutic role, but also made the body of the person who ate this part of the bad goji berries deteriorate, causing the consequences of not outweighing the losses.

So here a link about the quality of goji berries is very important, and this very important link is the selection of goji berries.

So the question is, how can we correctly avoid “bad” goji berries and choose good goji berries?

Here the editor presents you with three methods of color, taste and shape to distinguish the quality of goji berries.

First of all, if you want to choose a good goji berry when buying goji berries, it must be inseparable from the color of this link, the authentic goji berry color is mostly dark red, and in the current market, we often see that the color of some goji berries is more vivid and bright. Here you should pay attention to the fact that the color of the dyed or sulfured goji berries will look more bright, mainly from the navel of the goji berries to identify, the color of the sulfur goji navel will appear yellow, the color of the dyed goji fruit navel will be red, so when buying goji berries in the future, you must first identify from the navel of the goji berries.

And from the taste to distinguish the quality of goji berries is relatively simple, we only need to grab a handful of goji berries, the nose to smell forward can identify the sulfur wolfberries, the sulfur of the wolfberries, the taste tends to be more pungent, so if you smell pungent, then the batch of goji berries you are going to buy is likely to be sulfur goji berries.

The last way to identify bad goji berries is also very simple, that is, to observe with our eyes. The color of good quality goji berries is generally dark red and evenly distributed, while poor quality goji berries will be red unevenly, and there will be some small blackheads, so if the color is uneven or with blackheads, goji berries are poor quality goji berries.

These are the three ways to identify bad goji berries, are there any other ways to do this? Welcome to leave a message to discuss together!

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