How to promote Chinese wolfberry sales

wolfberry sales

First of all, we need to know the category, advantages, market trend and price range of the product itself, that is, the positioning of the product itself. Second, we need to analyze the core consumer groups of wolfberry buyers, that is, who will pay. Third, according to the analysis of the first two points, find out the promotion channels and promotion methods suitable for the product itself.

First of all, let’s see the category of wolfberry. Wolfberry is a kind of fruit of plants, which is processed into various products by people. We can see it in people’s thermos cups and in some canned fruits. When it comes to wolfberry, people’s first impression is that it is good for health, blood and Qi.

Young people in the 1990s, who are in the period of rising career, gradually increase their work pressure and life pressure, and have some problems in their physical condition, so they began to pay attention to their bodies and buy health care products.

At the end of 4G era and 5g era, short video advertising, as a hot way of communication in the current new media channels, firmly grasps the hearts of user groups, and even has penetrated into people’s life habits after dinner.

The effect of word-of-mouth recommendation is much better than that of door-to-door promotion by sales staff. For daily necessities, food and other related products, it is always necessary for consumers to try to be really persuasive.

I don’t need to say that Amazon, Ebuy and other online stores are the best sales channels.
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