How to soak goji berry sparkling wine The practice of goji berry sparkling wine

Don’t worry, although goji berry bubble wine can not solve the problem of hair loss and dark circles,

However, it is also beneficial to the kidneys and brightens the purpose. Studies have pointed out that goji berries have certain therapeutic effects on diabetes, abnormal liver function, gastritis, etc. In addition, goji berries can also regulate immunity, prevent and treat tumors, etc. In ancient documents, it has long been recorded that goji berries are a medicine that blindly delays aging and treats geriatric diseases, and soaking the medicine with wine, the active ingredients are more completely dissolved, the effect is better, there is no disease and often drinking, but also has the effect of strengthening the body and promoting life. So the question is: how do you soak goji berry wine? Or what kind of materials should be used, what steps, and what techniques should be used to brew better wine? Today, I will share with you my method of making wine.


To prepare goji berry sparkling wine:

Ingredients: 500 grams of fresh goji berries, preferably glossy and odorless and sweet taste, 5000 ml of high-quality zero-added grain wine, I use Guyangkang zero-added sparkling wine special wine.

Method: Remove impurities from goji berries, wash and dry, put them in a glass or ceramic container, add Gu Yangkang zero addition special wine, seal and place in a cool place, and drink after 10 days.

Directions: Take 10ml orally twice daily.


  1. In order to make the brewed wine nutritious and healthy and taste better, we must use zero-added grain wine, such as the Guyangkang zero-added sparkling wine special wine that I use every time;
  2. Goji berries as a tonic, should be drunk in moderation, not the more the better;
  3. People with stomach cold should not take it, because goji berries themselves are heat-dissipating food, which will make stomach cold worse;

The so-called goji berry bubble wine, the more you drink, the more you have. Goji berries can be taken all year round and are a good product for tonifying and improving physical fitness. Especially in today’s society, the pressure in all aspects is increasing day by day, Buddhist health has become a theme in most people’s lives, and goji berry bubble wine is playing an increasingly important role in health preservation. What are you waiting for for for the health of yourself and your family? Soak it, soak it, soak it!!!

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