How to soak your feet in goji

How to soak your feet in goji

  1. Prepare a suitable container, which can be a wooden basin, wooden bucket, porcelain basin, plastic basin, etc.
  2. Fill the container with water at an appropriate temperature, usually around 38-43 degrees Celsius for soaking feet, and do not exceed 45 degrees to avoid burning your feet.
  3. Soak your feet in the water, and the water level should cover the ankles.
  4. Soaking your feet for too long may cause skin damage, so it is recommended to soak for 15-20 minutes.
  5. You can add vinegar, ginger, orange peel, salt, etc. to the water to achieve different effects.

Here are some notes when soaking your feet:

  1. Avoid soaking your feet within half an hour after a meal, as it may affect gastrointestinal tract digestion and absorption.
  2. Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and elderly people should be accompanied by others when soaking their feet.
  3. After soaking your feet, use a dry towel to wipe your feet and put on dry socks and shoes to prevent getting cold.

Soaking feet with goji berry has many benefits, including promoting blood circulation, relieving fatigue, improving sleep quality, etc. The following will introduce the benefits of soaking feet with goji berry in detail from multiple aspects.

Firstly, soaking feet with goji berry can promote blood circulation. Goji berry contains many nutrients such as polysaccharides, flavonoids, vitamins, etc., which can promote blood circulation, improve local microcirculation, increase capillary permeability, and thus relieve fatigue and improve body immunity.

Secondly, soaking feet with goji berry can relieve fatigue. Soaking feet can stimulate the acupuncture points on the bottom of the feet, activate the meridians and nerves of the whole body through stimulating the reflex zones of the feet, and make people feel relaxed and comfortable, thereby relieving fatigue. At the same time, the nutrients in goji berry can also replenish the energy and nutrients needed by the body, making the body more energetic.

Thirdly, soaking feet with goji berry can improve sleep quality. Soaking feet can promote blood circulation, relieve muscle tension and fatigue, and make the body relaxed, which is helpful for improving sleep quality. Meanwhile, some ingredients in goji berry can also regulate endocrine and improve the function of nervous system, thereby having a calming effect on insomnia.

Fourthly, soaking feet with goji berry can achieve the effect of health preservation. Goji berry is a kind of medicinal and edible Chinese herbal medicine with the function of nourishing liver and kidney, brightening eyes, moisturizing lungs, etc. Soaking feet with goji berry can take the advantage of its effective ingredients to penetrate into the water through heat conduction and play the role of nourishing and preserving health. At the same time, by soaking feet in water, it can also promote body metabolism and detoxification, making the body more healthy.

In addition to the above benefits, soaking feet with goji berry also has other advantages. It can clear heat and detoxify, nourish the liver and brighten the eyes; nourish yin and tonify kidney; nourish qi and replenish blood; regulate the function of internal organs; and also has a certain therapeutic effect on some chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes mellitus.

However, it should be noted that not everyone is suitable for soaking feet with goji berry. For example, people with weak constitution, pregnant women, and diabetic patients should use it with caution. In addition, the temperature and time of soaking feet should be properly controlled to avoid burns and other adverse events.

In general, soaking feet with goji berry is a very practical way of health preservation. It can promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue, improve sleep quality, etc. However, we should also pay attention to controlling the water temperature and time when soaking feet and choose the appropriate way for our own situation to achieve the best effect of health preservation.

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