I am 50 years old and I eat wolfberry once a day, as long as I know the benefits!

After a heavy snowfall, the weather became colder and colder, and everyone put on thick cotton clothes. During this time, everyone’s appetites were very good, and they would often eat some meat to nourish the body, but there was too much meat. Always feel greasy, drink some nourishing soup to shave the body oil. My 50-year-old aunt loves to eat wolfberry like this. I eat it every other day. It’s better than pork. I just knew it! That is millet wolfberry porridge, because nutritionist Da Qiao said that wolfberry and millet porridge together will moisturize dryness and drink but not get angry. It also has the effects of improving eyesight, nourishing liver, promoting body fluid and quenching thirst. . The following editor brings you a recipe of millet wolfberry porridge, friends who are interested, let’s take a look!

Millet wolfberry porridge

By Meimeijia’s Kitchen


50 grams of glutinous millet, 10 grams of wolfberry, appropriate amount of brown sugar, 50 grams of millet, appropriate amount of water, appropriate amount of raisins

Cooking steps:

  1. To cook millet porridge, I like to use glutinous millet and millet to cook together, the taste is soft and glutinous, and the soup is thicker. Add some sweet raisins, which is sweet and delicious without sugar.
  2. Mix the two kinds of millet, wash and soak for more than 4 hours.
  3. Put the soaked millet into the rice cooker, add triple water, and set the porridge button.
  4. In the last ten minutes, pour goji berries and raisins into the pot and cook for a while.

Cooking tips:

The purchase of wolfberry: 1. Distinguish the shape: The wolfberry is the top grade with large and full grains, but do not be greedy for big ones. Because after soaking in alum water will make the medlar fruit size larger, so many businesses use this method. But the wolfberry soaked in alum is easy to distinguish. If the wolfberry is exposed to light, the surface of the medicinal material will have shiny crystal spots. 2. Smell the smell: For the wolfberry that has been fumigated by sulfur, just grab a handful and cover it with your hands for a while, and then put it under your nose to smell it. If you can smell the irritating smell, then it has been fumigated by sulfur. 3. Taste the taste: wolfberry is sweet and tastes particularly sweet, but there is a bitterness in the throat after eating; while the wolfberry soaked in alum will have a bitter taste of alum when chewed, as for the wolfberry that has been beaten with sulfur, the taste is sour and sour. Astringency and bitterness.

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