Identification of Unsweetened Goji berry and Goji berry with sugar

Goji berry and Goji berry with sugar

Driven by the market economy, some illegal vendors have seriously disrupted the market by pretending to be genuine and suboptimal.

Unsweetened wolfberry
All of them are oval or spinning, with a length of 0.6-0.2 cm and a diameter of 4-8 cm. The surface is bright red or dark red, purple red with irregular wrinkles and slightly glossy. There are white petiole marks at one end and prominent style marks at the other end. Soft and moisturizing, 25-50 seeds, yellow, flat like kidney, surface with fine point depression, sweet, slightly bitter, chew it.Saliva is red and yellow

Sugared wolfberry
The Goji berry (Lycium barbarum) is dried by adding melted and cooled sucrose. This product has dark red or purple surface, irregular wrinkles and dark color. When dry, the texture is hard, the surface of the particles is a little white frost-like substance, and the seeds are grayish yellow after dissection. After moisture absorption, the texture is soft, juicy and sticky, and the particles are easy to bond into clusters.

When the hands are gently separated, yellow filaments appear. When Chinese wolfberry is chewed in the mouth, it is sticky and tastes sweeter than the control. It is not easy to feel bitter and sour. After soaking the wolfberry in warm water (about 30 C) for 10 minutes, the wolfberry is bright red, its aqueous solution is brown, sweet and caramel-flavored.

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