Introduction of Qinghai Mingfuyang Goji berries Series Products Project

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Build a new standardized production base of organic wolfberry 5000 mu, and build the base into a modern agricultural demonstration base integrating tourism and leisure catering within three years.

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100 mu is chosen to build a new MingJuYang Goji berries Deep Processing Plant, in which a new automatic drying line of MingJuYang Goji berries fruit is built, which can dry 3000 tons of fresh Goji berries fruit annually: a new low-temperature drying and purification line of MingJuYang Goji berries, which can process 500 tons of dried Goji berries fruit annually; and a new production line of MingJuYang Goji berries juice with health function is built

Qinghai Mingfuyang Goji berries

The company has independent import and export rights, first-class R&D, production and sales team, 1 patents, and 15 R&D personnel. The company has introduced international advanced Chinese medicine extraction equipment, membrane separation polysaccharide extraction equipment, automatic Goji berries juice production line, and cooperated with domestic and international advanced scientific research institutions to make full use of the advantages of Eucalyptus resources for comprehensive development.

MingJuYang brand series products which have been put into the market now ,include: wolfberry health food series, wolfberry health drinks series, wolfberry leisure food series.

With the pressure of life increasing sharply and the change of environment, people pay more and more attention to raising birthdays, and the culture of Chinese wolfberry keeping in good health with a history of thousands of years has become the first choice of people.

Goji berries L. is a precious medicine and tonic, is listed in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia medicinal homologous species, Chinese medicine has long been said that “Goji berries health”. “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Goji berries, tonifying kidney and spermatogenesis, nourishing liver. Ming.

In recent years, in order to actively respond to the trade barriers established by developed countries to China’s agricultural products, Qinghai has continuously strengthened its research on international agricultural standards, gradually formed a wolfberry planting and processing system in line with international standards, and achieved the objectives of high-quality wolfberry varieties, large-scale planting, standardized management, standardized production and industrialized operation.

The export competitiveness of wolfberry products has been greatly enhanced.

The export volume of Goji berries deep-processed products in Qinghai has exceeded 3500 tons, an increase of 10% over the same period of last year. The export area has expanded to more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States and Canada.

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At the same time, the base will support tourism and leisure catering as one of the service facilities, carry out Qinghai characteristic agricultural tourism projects, through effective interaction between industries, promote the development of Goji berries industry in Qinghai.

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