IT professionals often drink chrysanthemum tea to brew medlar, which can prolong their life

We know that Chinese wolfberry can nourish the kidney and brain, and chrysanthemum can cool and brighten the eyes. Regular use of Chinese wolfberry in chrysanthemum tea can effectively improve and protect the vision of computer workers This is what we should know, then what more role does chrysanthemum tea have in brewing medlar? Here is an introduction.
Lycium barbarum, “It can nourish the kidney and produce essence, nourish the liver, brighten the eyes, strengthen the bones, remove fatigue, change color, whiten, brighten the eyes and calm the nerves, and make people live longer.” Modern medicine has proved that lycium barbarum has obvious effects on the so-called “sub healthy” people who often feel tired and weak.
Efficacy: It can disperse wind heat, calm liver and brighten eyes, clear heat and detoxify. It can be used for cold caused by wind heat, fever and headache, dim eyes, liver and kidney insufficiency, dim eyes, dizziness and convulsion, to cure hyperactivity of liver yang, headache and dizziness, good at relieving wind and heat, clearing liver and purging fire, and also can benefit yin and bright eyes. Therefore, it can be used to treat liver wind heat, or red eyes caused by liver fire attack, so as to remove wind, clear liver and bright eyes; It can clear heat and detoxify, especially for boils, so it can be used to treat boils.
Lycium barbarum is used to clear the liver and eyes, nourish yin and kidney, and chrysanthemum is used to clear fire and detoxify. You can drink it together. If you can insist, you can drink it for a long time. In addition, you can add some American ginseng tablets to drink together. American ginseng can resist fatigue and improve immunity, especially for modern white-collar workers and men who are too busy to take care of themselves!
Dear IT comrades, you must take good care of your work. Lao Mao once said that “the body is the capital of revolution”!

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