Keep away dry eyes, wolfberry leaf tea can help soothe

dry eyes, wolfberry

Dry eyes, daily diet conditioning? Western medicine treats dry eye mainly to relieve symptoms, avoid corneal damage, and keep the surface of the eyeball smooth and clear.

Dry eye refers to an eye disease with tear secretion that is caused by a variety of factors and the main symptom is dry eyes. It is often accompanied by itchy eyes, foreign body sensation, burning sensation, or photophobia, blurred vision, fluctuations in vision, etc. which performed.

Dry and itchy eyes bring a lot of inconvenience to life. If it is dry eye syndrome, there will be fatigue, sleepiness, foreign body sensation, burning sensation, and severe cases may even seriously affect sleep.

A senior executive of a technology company, Ms. Zhong, said that she suffered from dry eye for a long time. In severe cases, she was so painful that she couldn’t sleep. She even thought that “if you can put your eyes out and put them next to you, you will fall asleep better.”

How to treat dry eye through daily diet? Western medicine treats dry eye mainly to relieve symptoms, avoid corneal damage, and keep the surface of the eyeball smooth and clear. Artificial tears can be used to soothe, increase the humidity in the living environment, reduce the evaporation of tears, or perform electric burns and lacrimal canalicular embolization to reduce the removal of tears.

In life, avoid staying up late, eat more fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C, A, E, and avoid long-term eye use. Towels can also be used for hot compresses to reduce eye fatigue and increase tear production.

Wolfberry leaf tea helps soothe

Miss Zhong said that drinking wolfberry leaf tea makes her eyes much more comfortable. “I use the computer for about 5~7 hours a day. In the past, my eyes were so painful that I couldn’t open them. I used to install a tear tube, but because my eyes can’t store water, the tear tube doesn’t work for me. Visit the doctor at least every month. A prescription for lutein and eye drops costs more than 3,000 yuan.”

In October last year, in order to relieve her son’s dry itchy eyes, Ms. Zhong’s sister had the idea of ​​planting wolfberry, because she was worried about pesticide residues, staining and staleness in commercially available wolfberry. The two sisters drove to the wolfberry farm. The person in charge introduced the wolfberry in detail and guided them to the production process of wolfberry leaf tea.

After that, Ms. Zhong drank wolfberry leaf tea every day. “After two or three weeks, the eyes will feel soothed.” Every morning, 500c.c. of water is used to brew wolfberry tea about the size of a billiard ball. The same tea leaves will be returned in the afternoon. Make it once, and after long-term drinking for 3 months, there will be obvious improvement.

She said: “In the past, I felt my eyes were dry and sore all day long, I wanted to sleep, I didn’t even want to open my eyes, and I couldn’t fall asleep in pain at night. Now these problems don’t exist. My subordinates said, you My eyes won’t keep blinking like before, it’s really much better.”

Now I continue to drink wolfberry leaf tea every day. Without using a computer or mobile phone, my eyes will hardly be dry and uncomfortable. Ms. Zhong said: “Such a good wolfberry leaf tea should be promoted to make more dry eyes. Of patients know.”

However, there are different reasons for dry eye. Traditional Chinese medicine theory believes that dry eye is mainly related to disorders of the liver, kidney, spleen, and lungs. It may also be “climate change” or “use of computers and mobile phones for a long time”, so you should still follow your doctor’s advice and adjust for your own situation. ◇

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