Let’s talk about the largest wholesale market for goji berries in China

In China, there are many folk names for goji berries, such as goji seed, goji red fruit, beet seed, western goji berry, dog milk, red green pepper, goji hoof, goji fruit, earth bone, goji tomato, red earring, blood goji seed, goji sprout, wolfberry bean, blood berry, jin wolfberry. In Yinchuan, Ningxia, the main producing area of goji berries in Ningxia, farmers used to call goji berries “Ci”, which means tribulus terrestris. This is due to the similarity between wild goji berries and tribulus terrestris, which is often mixed for firewood, and it is customary to use “ci” as a common name for goji berries in the folk. In rural Yinchuan, goji berry orchards are called Ibara Garden, Ji Berry Trees are called Ibara Trees, and Goji Berry Branches are called Tsatiao. However, in the field of medicinal herbs, goji berries are goji berries, and there is no use of titles such as ciguo, tsishi and so on.

There are many places where Yinchuan wholesale goji berries, commercial streets, and near railway stations. Generally speaking, Qinghai goji berries are the largest, Xinjiang goji berries are the sweetest, and Ningxia goji berries are the best, good for medicinal value, so it is recommended to wholesale Ningxia goji berries.

Goji berries in Ningxia have the highest medicinal value, suitable for nourishing health, followed by its appearance color, high-quality goji berries dark red appearance, uniform size, no oil particles, broken grains, impurities, insects, mold dryness and other phenomena. I have bought many family goji berries, Barrayon, Qilixiang, Qiyi Jiangnan, Yi Kangde and many other brands, among which only Yi Kangde’s goji berries have the best comprehensive quality, the price is not the cheapest, the cost performance is higher, but the food, quality and effect should be put first.

If you want to buy real authentic Ningxia goji berries, I personally recommend several ways, the advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

  1. Big shopping mall. The price is on the high side, the quality of goji berries is poor, many look like skin bags, and goji berries do not have a little meat. And there is no guarantee that the package is full of authentic Ningxia goji berries.
  2. Buy online. The price is relatively reasonable, the quality of goji berries is different grades, it is difficult to distinguish, as for whether it is authentic, everyone says that they are authentic, it is not easy to distinguish, in fact, online sale of goji berries, more than 90% of the sale is foreign goji berries, especially the price is less than 45 yuan free shipping, basically can be said to be fake.

3, Ningxia local Zhongning goji berry market purchase. The price is more reasonable, and goji berries can be selected, but there are also goji berries from other places, which are not professional and may not be distinguished.

  1. Buy directly from farmers. The price should be considered the most reasonable, and basically can completely guarantee authenticity, the most important thing is that goji berries are not processed commercially (the above three purchase places will definitely be processed) is relatively natural. The difficulty is that people are in the field and cannot be contacted.
  2. Buy at a pharmacy. Goji berries are not necessarily real and are expensive.

I hope the above information will be helpful to you.

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