Longevity Secrets from a 100-Year-Old

  1. Delay aging: As you age, the function of each body system gradually declines, making it susceptible to health problems. Paying attention to your physical health can slow down the aging process through exercise, a reasonable diet, and regular work and rest.
  2. Improve quality of life: A healthy body means better physical and mental energy to better participate in social activities, entertainment, and enjoy the joy of life. At the same time, good health reduces the probability of getting sick, medical expenses, and disease-related troubles in life.
  3. Prevent chronic diseases: Elderly people often face the risk of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, stroke, etc. Paying attention to physical health, maintaining a moderate body weight, good eating habits, and regular exercise can reduce the risk of chronic diseases and improve life quality and longevity.
  4. Boost immunity: With aging, the body’s immune system gradually weakens and is susceptible to infection. Paying attention to physical health, maintaining good lifestyle habits and nutrition intake can enhance immunity and reduce the opportunity for infection by disease-causing organisms.
    So how old is considered as living a long life?
    With the development of modernization and the improvement of medical standards, people are no longer satisfied with a lifespan of 70 years. There are even record-breaking elderly people with a high age.
    In this sense, reaching 77 years old can be considered as living a long life.

What are some erroneous health concepts that need to be understood?

  1. Eating vegetarian is the healthiest option
    Many elderly people persist in eating vegetarian for a long time, believing that it will bring more health benefits for a long life. In fact, whether it’s vegetarian or meat-based, as long as it’s reasonably matched to meet the daily nutritional needs of the human body, it’s a healthy diet. Some people have blindly believed this rumor, eating only green vegetables without any meat and eating very little starch, resulting in malnutrition. It is possible to have a healthy vegetarian diet as long as it is reasonably and scientifically matched.
  2. Daily Chinese wolfberry footbath is the most health-promoting method
    Footbathing is a popular health-promoting method. Soaking your feet before going to bed not only relaxes you but also improves the quality of life by improving Meridian activity and removing Cold-Dampness. Although footbathing has benefits, it cannot be too blind. It is not necessarily true that footbathing every day will promote health. If done incorrectly, it may harm your health. It is not advisable to soak your feet too long or use too hot water for your feet when you’re bathing. When we understand any health-promoting method, we cannot be too absolute and need to analyze it based on specific circumstances. If it is not suitable for footbathing or you force yourself to do it with incorrect methods, it will harm your health.
  3. Getting up earlier is more health promoting
    Many people believe that getting up earlier is more health promoting so they wake up at 4 or 5 o’clock every morning. Although getting up early is necessary, sleeping for enough hours is also important. Some people wake up very early in the morning but calculate that they have only slept for four or five hours. This is not good for their health. If you wake up too early and go out for exercise when the sun hasn’t risen yet and the air is not fresh, it is not good for health-promotion. It is better to go to bed at 11 o’clock and wake up at 6 or 7 o’clock in the morning for a healthy schedule work and rest.
  4. As we can see, if you want to be healthy when you’re old, you need to focus on the right methods!
    Longevity is everyone’s dream, and prolonging one’s life is possible! This is a long journey in life, but more importantly, improving the quality of life is crucial for people to live a happier life so that they can be happy themselves. In simple terms, in order to promote health and prolong life, one’s state of mind is crucial. In addition, having a comprehensive and balanced diet that provides energy for the body is also important.

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