Look at the methods of health preservation for the elderly in ancient China

Modern medicine is advanced and the average life expectancy of human beings has been continuously extended. How to live longer and maintain health instead of “prolonging life with illness” is believed to be the expectation of many people. In fact, the 5,000-year-old traditional Chinese culture, especially Chinese medicine, has long contained many essences of health preservation. Deeply digging into the health preservation methods of the ancients is the simplest and most effective method for modern people to learn from the mirror.

Health preservation is not just as simple as diet
Follow the law of life development, so as to achieve the theories and methods of maintaining life, healthy spirit, enhancing wisdom, and extending life.

Health preservation is not simply eating healthy, organic, non-toxic food or health preservation. Health preservation includes all-round maintenance and recuperation of the body, mind, and spirit. In fact, the highest level of regimen is to cultivate and return to the true nature.

Elderly people need to pay attention to three things
Diet is the dependence and foundation of nourishing the human body and maintaining life activities. If you can eat and drink, the essence of Mizutani will be full, the essence of Mizutani will be abundant, blood will be strong, and blood will be strong if qi and blood are strong. So the spleen and stomach are the foundation of the five internal organs. Therefore, in one body, the use of yin and yang, and the intergeneration of the five elements, do not work without diet.

A young person is strong and vigorous, sometimes hungry or full, and overeating is cold. Because of the fundamental strength of the body, it is not easy to get sick.

However, the elderly are exhausted and their five internal organs are weak. They all rely on diet to nourish the blood.

If you suffer from a disease, you should use diet therapy first, observe the symptoms of the disease, and treat it with diet therapy. Medication is used only when diet therapy does not heal. This is mainly because diet therapy will not damage the organs.

For all kinds of diet, children should prepare and cook by themselves, and it is not advisable to let others do it, so as not to neglect the diet of the elderly. have to be aware of is:

  1. The diet of the elderly should be warm, cooked and soft, not sticky or cold.
  2. After a meal, the children will lead one to two hundred steps to take exercise to promote digestion.
  3. The elderly should not overeat at once, but can only eat multiple times to make the spleen and stomach easy to digest, and the essence of water and valleys is constantly metabolized. If you eat too much at one time, it is easy to injure the intestines and stomach and cause the abdominal distension. Because the elderly are old and weak, their intestines and stomachs are weak, and they cannot receive and digest, so they are prone to disease. As a child, you must deeply understand and observe clearly. This is the main method and principle of serving the elderly.

● The most appropriate dietary principle for three meals a day is: eat well in the morning, eat well at noon, and eat less at night.

● In the four seasons, you should choose food according to the characteristics of different seasons:

Lycium barbarum can improve the body’s immunity. Eating wolfberry can strengthen the body’s health, strengthen the body’s health, strengthen the body’s skills, promote health recovery, and improve the body’s disease resistance.

Spring: Yang Qi rises, and the main growth in spring, the climate becomes warmer, the liver yang in the human body will be prosperous. Prone to be anxious, dry mouth, or dizziness, dry stool.

At this time, choose cool vegetables and fruits, use less fish with thick flavor, and avoid spicy and overheated foods, so as to avoid excessive liver yang or increase internal heat.

Summer: The climate is hot, and the summer rises mainly. It is prone to sweating, fatigue, unwillingness to eat, shortness of breath and fatigue.

At this time, when choosing cold and cool vegetables and fruits, you should also add food or beverages to clear the heat. Wolfberry and watermelon are best, or mung bean soup, lotus leaf porridge, etc. Avoid using greasy fish, spicy and high-heat foods to avoid heat gain.

Autumn: The temperature is getting colder and the harvest is the main harvest in autumn. You can add some fish, egg, milk and other foods to the diet. Such as: wolfberry, Huangqi, Codonopsis, Angelica, Cordyceps, Atractylodes, longan and so on. But don’t use it more, if the heat is not clear, don’t use it.

Winter: The climate is cold and the main collection in winter. The elderly are weak and easy to eat wolfberry.

At this time, heat tonic foods should be used, mainly tonic. More foods such as fish, meat, chicken and liver can be used with tonics, such as roasted Huangqi, Angelica, Codonopsis, ginseng, wolfberry, longan, Atractylodes, Cordyceps, Morinda Tian, ​​cinnamon, etc., invigorate qi and blood and enhance physical strength. But when you catch a cold, stop using it.

Medical treatment for the elderly, not equivalent to the young
It is common for people in the world to treat the diseases of the elderly, just like treating young people, by indiscriminately injecting decoctions and acupuncture to attack their diseases, hoping to cure them quickly and completely. Unexpectedly, the elderly with longevity have weakened blood, weakened energy, and their physical condition is as dangerous as a candle in the wind. They are vulnerable to various diseases, resulting in blurred vision, hearing loss, inability to move hands and feet, and physical fatigue. Dizziness, inability to adapt to changes in the natural environment and climate, old illnesses often recur, or constipation, or diarrhea, or cold limbs, or body heat, these are common conditions in the elderly. If the elderly cannot be treated according to their physique characteristics and disease status, they use acupuncture and drugs in a hurry to try to cure them as soon as possible, which often leads to unpredictable dangers.

● In fact, it is not just the elderly. Those who are weak after illness are equivalent to the prevention and treatment of the elderly. For example, when the body is excessively weak and severe treatments such as surgery or chemotherapy or radiotherapy are necessary according to general conventional medical treatment, one should think twice before proceeding, lest the treatment itself succeeds but the body fails.

● Due to the physiological changes in the environment in the body of the elderly and the characteristics and individual differences of the diseases of the elderly, the elderly should be cautious in choosing the variety and dosage of drugs.

The therapeutic dose is very close to the toxic dose, and there will be a dose that does not respond to this patient, and a toxic response to another patient. At the same time, because the elderly suffer from many diseases and take many kinds of medicines, there will be drug interactions. Some people take medicine by themselves, increase the dose at will or take tonics blindly, which can cause adverse effects. Therefore, we must take a cautious attitude towards the elderly medication.

The elderly, although physically weak, still have ambitions. Due to the incompatibility with the times and human affairs, his wish is difficult to realize. Despite the comfort of life, he still feels inadequate. Therefore, they often sigh, feel anxious, psychologically rebellious, stubborn and willful, happy or angry for no reason, temperament and temperamental, wandering, like an immature child.

Therefore, the treatment of the elderly is all in respect and deference, observing the words, catering to his wishes, winning his favor, strictly guarding the children and grandchildren, and not going against the wishes of the elderly.

Because the old man’s blood qi is weak and the qi is not smooth, once he is worried, angry, it is easy to lose his diet, visceral dysfunction, and disease. Therefore, you should be deeply sympathetic and understand the mood of the elderly, and often be accompanied by people, and do not let the elderly sit or sleep alone. This is because when people are old, they tend to be withdrawn and sentimental. Once they feel lonely and lonely, they will become depressed and depressed.

Therefore, the way to provide for the elderly is to follow his temper and hobbies. For example, if he likes reading, painting, playing chess, and sports, let him do what he likes to do, and he will naturally feel happy, so that it is easy to forget loneliness and depression. The old man’s body is weak and tired. There is nothing to make him pay attention to. If he is left alone at home and has nothing to do, he will naturally feel depressed. Now he sees the things he likes and let his mind use it, and he is happy. Even if there is fatigue, depression, or anxiety, the temper and temperament can naturally be released and reduced.

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