Lycium barbarum planted in Qinghai Province amounted to 700,000 Mu

Lycium barbarum planted

The total output of fresh Lycium barbarum is 380,000 tons, of which 366,900 tons are red fruit Lycium barbarum and 132,000 tons are black fruit Lycium barbarum. In 2017, the output value of Lycium barbarum in the whole province was about 3.454 billion yuan. Lycium barbarum cultivation led to 31,000 surrounding farmers and 71,000 farmers.

Qinghai is one of the main producing areas of Chinese wolfberry. At present, there are 3.7 million mu of characteristic economic forests in the whole province, of which the area of Chinese wolfberry is 700,000 mu. The certified area of organic wolfberry is 1035,000 mu, making it the largest production base of organic wolfberry in China.

In recent years, with the deepening of industrial restructuring, the Lycium barbarum industry in Qinghai Province, based on the unique regional advantages of soil and climate in Qaidam Basin, is mainly green, adheres to organic cultivation, and constantly strengthens the quality of Lycium barbarum varieties, production scale and product brand.

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