Many experts suggest: female freckles, goji berry with it to drink every night can be beautiful

Many women will have a lot of spots on their faces as they get older. The main reason is that they do not pay attention to protection and cause a large amount of melanin secretion, and because of the abnormal secretion of hormones in the body, the accumulation of melanin leads to dullness and dullness. The occurrence of stains. Not only will it seriously affect women’s beauty, but they will also look very old or even sloppy, leaving a bad first impression.

female freckles with goji berry

Many girls are very anxious after discovering that they have spots on their faces. They will try various methods and or use various skin care products to remove the spots on their faces.

But in fact, the main reason for the formation of these spots is due to the gradual increase and accumulation of melanin in the body. Blindly using external skin care products, it is difficult to penetrate into the basic layer of the skin, so it is difficult to have a good whitening effect. If you want to effectively lighten spots and whiten, you need to make changes in the details of your life.

female freckles with goji berry

There are 3 reasons for the increase of melanin. If you have them too, hope to correct them soon

  1. Endocrine disorders caused by dieting

Women love beauty. Many women use diet to maintain their weight, but this will lead to malnutrition, affect endocrine, not only lead to menstrual disorders, but also cause stains and dullness on the face, and also cause no blood. The skin makes people look haggard.

Second, the mental pressure is relatively high

If you are in a state of relatively high mental stress for a long time, it will not only cause qi and blood disorders, but also women themselves are prone to random thoughts. Long-term mental stress will also cause abnormal blood circulation in the body, leading to more melanin and garbage accumulation. In the body, it is not easy to be metabolized, and there will be more and more garbage, resulting in dull skin.

  1. Improper diet

If you do not pay attention to a reasonable diet in your daily life, eat sweets or fried foods, burgers and other spicy foods, it will also increase the burden on the skin and increase the secretion of cortisol, which will not only lead to the accumulation of pigmentation in spots, but also skin It will become more dull, and the skin barrier will become weaker, inflammation and allergies will increase, making the skin condition more unbearable.

Many women know that wolfberry has the effect of beauty and beauty. In fact, drinking some wolfberry water daily can nourish the skin, regulate the blood, and make the skin healthier, ruddy and shiny.

In addition, if you can properly match some nutrients that accelerate the metabolism of melanin, you can achieve better whitening effects while nourishing.

Many experts suggest: don’t panic when women have spots, drink it with wolfberry every night to remove pigment

“It” here refers to niacin solid peptide, which is a compound nutritional preparation containing nicotinamide, vitamin C, anthocyanins, flavonoids and other whitening effective substances, which can help inhibit melanin precipitation and accelerate melanin metabolism , Thus effectively whitening the skin. And the reducing substances can also help the skin resist oxidative damage caused by free radicals, remove harmful substances, and make the skin more clear.

In addition, nicotinic acid peptides also contain a lot of nourishing tripeptides. After these substances enter the body, they can quickly synthesize collagen while whitening the skin, making the skin more compact, delicate and shiny.

In addition, if you want your skin to become more white, you must insist on eating red wolfberry.

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