Many people don’t know whether wolfberry soaking is good in the morning or evening


Wolfberry soaking in water is sweet and nourishing, not cold or dry. The lung meridian has the effects of moisturizing the lungs, producing fluid, and relieving coughs. It has the effect of adjuvant treatment for cough due to fatigue, diminishing thirst and drinking, cough with blood.

Wolfberry enters the liver meridian, so soaking it in water also has the effect of nourishing the liver and improving the eyesight. It can relieve the symptoms of dizziness, tinnitus, blood deficiency, chlorosis, unconsciousness, and dry eyes caused by liver and kidney yin deficiency, essence and blood deficiency. effect.

Is it good to drink wolfberry soaking in the morning or evening?

Eat goji berries in the morning or in the morning

In the morning is the best time to invigorate the kidney, and wolfberry is a good product for warming and nourishing the liver and kidney. If you eat wolfberry in the morning or in the morning, it can help Yang Qi without hurting Yin.

It is not suitable to drink wolfberry before going to bed, because it will easily get angry, it will not be conducive to sleep, and it will be tired and dreamy.


Wolfberry is not suitable for long-term cleaning. If it is cleaned for a long time, the nutrients in it will be lost. It is recommended to wash it in warm water.

When the wolfberry is soaked in boiling water or in the soup during the cleaning process, the time cannot be too long. Long soaking and boiling time will cause the trace elements in the medicinal effect to be lost. The correct way is to put the wolfberry in the soup when the soup is ready to boil to ensure that its medicinal effect is more effective.

wolfberry water

do you like eating it?

Wolfberry has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing vital energy, growing muscles, improving complexion, improving eyesight and calming nerves, dispelling wind and treating deficiency, prolonging longevity, strengthening muscles and strengthening bones. It is often used with rehmannia, chrysanthemum, yam, cornus and other medicines. .

Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that Wolfberry can regulate the immune function of the body, can effectively inhibit tumor growth and cell mutation, have the effects of delaying aging, anti-fatty liver, regulating blood lipids and blood sugar, and promoting hematopoietic function, and is used in clinical practice.

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