Medicinal value of wolfberry beyond imagination

Medicinal value of wolfberry beyond imagination

Lycium barbarum L. is the “holy medicine” to nourish body-building blindly!

“Compendium of Materia Medica” lists Chinese wolfberry as the top grade, which is called “long-term clothes, light body and not old, cold and heat resistance, bright eyes and calm mind, make people live a long life”.

Liu Yuxi, a scholar of Tang Dynasty, also praises “high-quality functional mannose, knowing a spoonful of it can prolong life”, and more vividly affirms the role of “Chinese wolfberry” in prolonging life. Do you know the medicinal value of Chinese wolfberry? Below, share with you the 10 medicinal value of wolfberry, quickly collect it! 10 Traditional Medicinal Values of Lycium Barbarum

1. Lycium barbarum L. can enhance the specific and non-specific immune function, as well as immune regulation.
2. Lycium barbarum L. has anti-tumor effect.
3. Lycium barbarum L. has antioxidant and anti-aging effects.
Lycium barbarum L. has the function of protecting liver and anti-fatty liver. A kind of
5. Lycium barbarum L. can stimulate the growth of the body and protect the genetic damage induced by some genetic poisons. A kind of
6. Lycium barbarum L. can promote hematopoietic function. A kind of
7. Lycium barbarum L. can affect the function of inferior colliculus-pituitary-gonad axis, and has better hypoglycemic effect.
8. Lycium barbarum L. can enhance reproductive system function, strengthen contraction frequency, tension and intensity of isolated uterus. A kind of
9. Lycium barbarum L. can increase the content of hydroxyproline in mice skin, significantly enhance the ability of mice to resist hypoxia, prolong their swimming time and resist fatigue.
10. Lycium barbarum L. has a certain antihypertensive effect.

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