Multi-channels of wolfberry planting drives farmers and herdsmen out of poverty

Wolfberry processing plant
Wolfberry factory

Sang Zhong, a poverty-stricken household with a registered card, has been working in Yumiao Industry Co., Ltd. in Gonghe County, Hainan Prefecture, Qinghai Province for nearly two years. With the increase of stable income, their family’s life has become better and better.

“I do color sorting work in a wolfberry factory. I earn 3,600 yuan per month. With bonuses, I earn nearly 50,000 yuan per year. Together with my husband’s monthly income of about 5,000 yuan, we can fully protect our family. No worries about food and clothes.” Sang Zhong said that during the holidays, their family would also receive supplies such as rice, noodles, oil and other materials from the government.

Ningxia wolfberry
Wolfberry factory

According to Zhao Quanlu, chairman of Gonghe County Yumiao Industry Co., Ltd., Gonghe County Yumiao Industry Co., Ltd. is a modern new agricultural enterprise integrating organic wolfberry planting, production, processing, and sales. While the enterprise is gradually developing and expanding, It also assumes corporate responsibilities to drive local farmers and herdsmen out of poverty and increase income, and promote economic development.

“From the early stage of construction, the company has signed barren mountain contracting contracts with individual towns and towns to develop forestry construction projects. Since 2009, it has successively entered into contracts with Xia Tama Village of Chapcha Town, Cihan Tuhai Village of Longyangxia Town, and Zhuyu Village of Shazhuyu Township. Signed land contract contracts with Naihaita Village, Gengga Village of Tanggemu Town, and Qijilin Field of Qiji Township.” According to Zhao Quanlu, the company established planting bases by using barren hills and cultivated land, and implemented conversion of farmland to forests and economic forest construction. project.

Wolfberry processing plant
Wolfberry factory

Since the implementation of poverty alleviation work, the company has actively explored the business model of “company + leader + farmers and herdsmen”, designated special persons to be responsible, visited surrounding towns and villages to understand the poverty of farmers and herdsmen, and included them in poverty alleviation targets in time. Currently, Hainan Prefecture provides 450 jobs for tractor driving, wolfberry production and processing, seedling pruning and maintenance, fresh fruit picking, etc., with an annual salary of 36,000 to 48,000 yuan.

Every year from July to October is the wolfberry picking period, and the company’s labor volume has increased significantly. “During the wolfberry picking period, we will solve more than 1,500 “poor households” and “marginal households” jobs.” Zhao Quanlu said, during the picking period, households The income was increased by 14,000 yuan, and the total wages of migrant workers reached 30 million yuan throughout the year.

In the company’s park, in addition to the wolfberry processing plant, the reporter saw that there was also a newly built apartment for workers. Zhao Quanlu said, “This is our newly built apartment for workers. There are 139 public rental houses in it. Housing problems.”

It is reported that Qinghai Province, centering on the overall deployment of “concentrating the construction of wolfberry processing plants in four years and consolidating and upgrading in one year”, through the development of the industry, by 2020, every poor farmer and herdsman with working ability will have a characteristic industry with stable income increase. , The wolfberry processing plant has achieved long-term stable income growth for poor households, and the endogenous development motivation of farmers and herdsmen has been further strengthened.

By 2020, 130,000 households and 399,000 poor people will be lifted out of poverty through the development of industries, and the per capita disposable income will be higher than the national poverty alleviation standard, and all poor villages will withdraw, laying a solid foundation for poor counties

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