Nearly 60% of the surveyed college students worry that “sudden death” goji can save lives

Nearly 60% of college students under investigation worry about “sudden death”, eating wolfberry can save lives

sudden death

From the sudden death of a young actor who fell to the ground during the recording of the program, to the sudden death of a college student in the stadium, to the sudden cardiac arrest of Zhang Jingjing, a nurse from Shandong Province, and the death of sudden cardiac arrest after rescue failure…The sudden deaths of young people are frequent, and “sudden cardiac death” is affected by the society. attention.

September 12 this year is the 21st “World First Aid Day”. A few days ago, the research team led by Lian Si, a professor and doctoral tutor of the National Institute of Opening up of the University of International Business and Economics, conducted a “Survey on the Public Awareness of First Aid and Emergency Equipment Use of College Students “The report came out.

The report shows that young students have strong awareness of the risk of sudden death, and show strong desire for learning and growth needs in terms of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the use of automatic external defibrillators (AED), but the awareness rate of related knowledge and skills is low. The rescue capacity is obviously insufficient. Attention should be paid to health care.

Speaking of wolfberry, we should all be familiar with it. We often use goji berries to soak in water, or we can see goji berries when we drink porridge. The taste of goji berries is relatively sweet, with some sour and astringent taste in the sweetness. It is such a common goji berry, why many people in many homes Do you have wolfberries?

Because wolfberry has many of its own functions and effects, and wolfberry is a very common Chinese medicine ingredient in our lives, usually we drink more wolfberry water to the body, especially for female friends.

What are the effects of wolfberry? What does it do?

  1. Ping Yang Qi

Goji berries are a good product for calming and replenishing Yang Qi. For men, chewing a few grains of goji berries every day will help their Yang Qi growth and at the same time resist the severe cold.

It can be seen that the most important function of wolfberry is to invigorate the kidney, and it can also strengthen yang, and has a certain regulatory effect on our life system. It can be seen that wolfberry is the best food for yang.

  • Beauty and beauty

This problem should be the most concerned by the majority of young women. The beauty and beauty effect of wolfberry is still very powerful, because wolfberry is rich in very rich elements, and these elements are exactly what our human body needs.

Studies have found that these elements rich in wolfberry can have a very good antioxidant effect after entering the human body, which can effectively eliminate garbage and toxins in the body, thereby making us look younger.

  • Nourish the liver and improve eyesight

Many studies have found that a lot of sugar in wolfberry can protect the liver and kidneys, and also have a certain repair effect on liver damage. Eating more wolfberry can also inhibit the deposition of fat in our body.

In addition, wolfberry has the effect of improving eyesight. If you have symptoms of dry eyes and eye fatigue, you can soak some wolfberry and drink it. Wolfberry has the effect of relieving the pressure on the eyes.

  • Improve sleep quality

It is worth mentioning that many people are troubled by the symptoms of insomnia and dreaminess. Therefore, insomnia can be relieved by soaking wolfberry water, especially when the weather slowly turns cold, you can use wolfberry soup to drink .

The best suggestion is to soak a glass of wolfberry water in the afternoon every day. This can greatly relieve the troubles caused by insomnia and improve our sleep quality.

In this way, wolfberry is really a treasure for the whole body. Therefore, when we usually drink water, we can soak some wolfberry in the water and drink it with tea. As long as we insist on drinking the water of wolfberry every day, it will be good for us. Your health is of great help.

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