New trend of black wolfberry production, price will rise


In recent years, black wolfberry is very popular in China, and its producing areas are only Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang and four regions. Due to the spread of information, black wolfberry is constantly hyped by businessmen, and the price gradually rises, especially in places outside Qinghai.  goji berry price in Qinghai is also very low.

The west of Qinghai is the biggest producing area of black wolfberry. At present, a large number of black wolfberry have been harvested. Black wolfberry is a wild plant in Golmud grassland of Qinghai Province. For the grassland, it is an important vegetation for windbreak and sand fixation. Since black wolfberry is called “soft gold”, the price of producing area has been rising continuously.

In recent years, the development area of domestic Lycium barbarum in Qinghai has exceeded 100000 mu, and the altitude of Qinghai is nearly 3000 meters. The temperature difference between day and night is large, and the sunshine time is the longest. Therefore, Qinghai black wolfberry is generally large in size. The color of its peel is purple, black and shiny. The color of its stalk is white and yellow. It tastes sweet.

Most importantly, the anthocyanin content is the highest in these areas, so the quality is good and the price is high. Higher than other domestic production areas. However, compared with 2018, the average price has increased by more than 80%.

In just six years, black wolfberry has gone through the process of “weeds” turning into “soft gold”.

The anthocyanin contained in black wolfberry is a kind of water-soluble pigment, which is more sensitive to the pH value. When meeting the slightly acidic water, it turns purple, and when meeting the alkaline water, it turns blue.

The drinking method is very simple
Ingredients: 10 black wolfberry.
Method: put the black wolfberry into the cup and pour it into warm water.

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