No matter how good wolfberry is, four types of people must not eat it

Chinese wolfberry is a kind of food and medicine. Many people like to use it to soak in water or as a food ingredient. Lycium barbarum itself contains a lot of vitamins, which is good for the body, but it is also a source of medicine.

The first type of person: those with a cold and fever

Cold and fever, the body is weak in the body, and eating wolfberry or soaking in water will aggravate the cold and fever.

The second kind of people: patients with inflammation

People suffering from various periods of inflammation, wolfberry fruit will make the inflammation more serious and even induce other adverse symptoms.

The third type of person: patients with high blood pressure and diabetes are not easy to take wolfberry

The consumption of wolfberry in hypertensive patients will make the blood pressure unstable. The wolfberry itself contains high sugar content and should not be consumed by patients with diabetes.

The fourth kind of people: those with poor gastrointestinal tract are not easy to take wolfberry

Those with poor gastrointestinal tract and weakened stomach can cause indigestion, loss of appetite, stomach ache, etc. by taking wolfberry raw or soaking in water.

Moringa seeds are amazing, three types of people must not eat

Ganoderma lucidum from China, American ginseng from America, Moringa from India. Known as the “Three Treasures of the World”. Moringa seeds are rich in vitamins, high fiber, a variety of mineral elements, and a variety of trace elements. It can be described as a miraculous natural health plant.

The first type of person: pregnant women

Pregnant women are special. If you eat Moringa seeds rashly, you may experience vomiting and stomach pain.

Second people: babies under six months old

Moringa seeds contain a lot of alkaloids, regular consumption may cause undesirable consequences.
The third type of person: people with severe asthma cannot eat Moringa seeds

Alkaloids have curative effects on some special populations, such as asthma and other diseases. If people with severe asthma eat Moringa seeds, it may aggravate the condition.

Why do Moringa seeds fire? It is not only because of the addition of the word “national ceremony”, but because of its peculiar sense of experience that you have to be convinced. Body reactions never lie.

  1. Nutrition supplement: Moringa seeds are pure natural green foods that contain all the nutrients needed by the human body. They can replace multivitamins, calcium tablets, cod liver oil, etc., and are healthy foods against malnutrition.
  2. Beauty and beauty: Moringa seeds can improve skin texture, delay aging, and can relieve skin diseases for people with skin allergies and eczema.
  3. Lowering three highs: Moringa seeds are very effective in controlling blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, and lowering blood lipids. It is also a great boon for patients with three highs.
  4. Produce fluid to relieve cough and reduce bad breath: Moringa seeds have special effects on dry mouth, no saliva, and sore throat. It can produce body fluid. After eating more flavorful foods, eating one or two Moringa seeds can eliminate bad breath.
  5. Weight loss and weight loss: Moringa seeds have a peculiar weight loss effect. The leucine contained in it is good for weight loss. Foreign countries have developed Moringa slimming tea and Moringa slimming capsules.
  6. ​​Detoxification and treatment of constipation: Moringa seeds also have the effects of reducing fire and detoxification. Moringa is extremely helpful for patients with long-term stool and constipation. The miraculous effect can be seen after taking 10 days.
  7. Nourish the liver and protect the kidney: Moringa seeds can be used to treat diseases of the liver, spleen, meridians and other special parts.
  8. Hangover: Moringa seeds also have the effect of hangover. Eating two or three Moringa seeds about 20 minutes before drinking can increase alcohol consumption and prevent getting drunk.

10 grains of wolfberry a day, healthy and practical

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