Planting management of wolfberry

loosening soil and weeding

Scientific and reasonable weeding can not only loosen the soil to kill weeds, but also prevent the occurrence and spread of diseases and insect pests. In the first ten days of April, shallow ploughing was carried out, with a depth of.

In the growing season from May to August, the grass should be weeded in the middle ploughing, with the depth of 10cm-12cm, generally 3-4 times in the middle ploughing; at the end of autumn and the beginning of winter.

It should be combined with increasing the application of organic fertilizer to turn the soil deep and dry the soil.

20cm-25cm, to promote the growth of wolfberry roots and aboveground parts in autumn.

Long, ensure the plant to survive winter safely and thrive in the second year.

fertilization management

If the content of soil organic matter is less, the beneficial microorganisms in the soil will not survive, resulting in soil hardening, which is not conducive to root growth and absorption of nutrients, seriously affecting plant growth and development. Farmyard manure, especially bio organic manure, contains a lot of beneficial bacteria, which can not only improve soil structure, but also stimulate root rooting, improve the yield and stability of Lycium barbarum.

The organic fertilizer used for organic planting must be farmyard manure and other organic matter fertilizers which have been piled up and fermented at high temperature. Generally, they are applied in late April, late June, late July and early winter respectively.

The basic fertilizer is mainly farmyard manure, mainly including cow and sheep manure, human manure and cake fertilizer. Organic fertilizer is a kind of complete fertilizer, which can supply all kinds of nutrients for the growth of Lycium barbarum, improve the soil structure, improve the ability of soil water and fertilizer conservation.

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